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Active2 activation issues?


Active2 activation issues?

Bought a Samsung Active2 smartwatch Tuesday got a refund Wednesday. 


First thing, will say we had the LTE version, and a data plan and phone numbers were confirmed for the watch. 


So, Wednesday my bf and I went to get the Active2 for us both. Went with the 44mm LTE versions. Guy set us up, we had the data plan and phone numbers,  he activated the watches, we tested in store, great. 


After leaving, at dinner, the watch kept going into "standalone-sprint" mode but wouldn't register new texts that my phone received. Then later, I tried texting bf on the watch with my phone off and the watch wouldnt send the text, said it was waiting for the phone. 


Went back to the Sprint store Wednesday, after confirming on the phone the plans we had. Guy reactivated the phones this time making sure they were standalone LTE. 


Here Is why i received a refund. Watch wouldn't connect to the phone via bluetooth without restarting the whole activation process. 

Then, just trying to sync the wearables app and the watch together to get contacts, it wouldn't connect. Guy said we would have to manually enter the contacts because the phone and watch are separate. 


Does this make sense to anyone? Samsung is always so great with interconnecting their devices to work together. 

And why would the watch not be able to do both bluetooth and standalone mode?



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