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Android 10 update breaks Galaxy Note 10 hotspot, who fixes it Sprint or Samsung?


Android 10 update breaks Galaxy Note 10 hotspot, who fixes it Sprint or Samsung?

My Galaxy Note 10 has 5GB of hotspot. It was working fine until I downloaded the Samsung Android 10 update this past Friday. Since then, I've gotten the infamous "Data tethering error message of You aren't subscribed to data tethering". I've been with numerous chat specialist as well as tech specialist and nothing suggested fixes the issue.  Tried resetting the network connection (SCRTN), clear cache, even tried editing the APN to no avail. One of the tech specialists eventually confirmed others are experiencing the same issue, but suggested to try again every few hours. Another tech mentioned it was Samsung to fix. Samsung claims its a carrier fix. 

So other than actually resetting the phone back to Factory Data Reset status (which I do not want to do and spend hours adding back my apps and settings, I doubt lt it will fix the issue anyway). So what is one to do? Has anyone else have this issue? 

Sprint Employee

Hi twospirits ! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It seems that multiple troubleshooting steps have been exhausted. This could be associated with the latest device software, however, I'd like to know, have you tried taking the device to one of our repair centers?

If not, I recommend you to do so. Please click: to locate your nearest one.


If you already wen through that option, we could have a ticket created to have this further investigated. 

Sprint Social Care

I did not take it to a Repair center. If the requirement to start a ticket with Sprint to get Samsung or Sprint themselves to fix this is having to go to a repair center, then it will take some time due to my work schedule.  I already had 3 online chats with the tech representatives that have gone over basically everything that can be done, totaling 4 hours trying fix this issue. Taking it to a repair center will probably result in the same outcome that nothing can be done. Unless that is the only way a ticket can be created. I do not see why a ticket can't be created already using the notes recorded in my chats with the tech representatives showing everything that was done.  




We will still like that you visit a store repair center to have the device diagnosed. The tech at the store may be able o resolve the issue for you. Please click: to locate your nearest one.

Sprint Social Care
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