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Another Galaxy S6 Unlock Story

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Another Galaxy S6 Unlock Story

I've read many posts here with individuals attempting to unlock their devices. I too have called many times, spoke with many Customer Service Agents, gone to more than one Sprint store and each time, I've been told that my phone will definitely be unlocked. All of my devices have been paid off and there is no reason that all my devices can't be unlocked.  I gave up after trying 2-3 weeks to get this done. however, I still have a couple of Galaxy S6's and I still want them unlocked, so I'm trying again.  I've looked at this page and gone over all the steps.

I'm receiving promotional materials in the mail from Sprint to come back to them, but I'm not very eager to do so if they can't take care of me with a simple unlock request. I know it can be done because of the 2 identical S6 Edge devices and another S6 Mini that I requested unlocks on, one actually came through fairly quickly. But only one. 


Has anyone found success even when it seemed impossible? All of the agents that I've spoken with have sincerely tried. I'm grateful for their help but something is not happening the way it should. 

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Re: Another Galaxy S6 Unlock Story

I assume you have tried a SIM from another company in each of the phones to determine that they are still locked? Or have you been told that they are still locked by us? I'll be happy to help get them unlocked. I'm sending you a private message to get some info on the phones.





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Re: Another Galaxy S6 Unlock Story

Hello RedCruzr_Sprint! Thank you for responding! 


Yes, I've tried a SIM in both of my S6 Edge devices. One was successfully unlocked because the new carrier's name displays in the notifications area at the top of the screen.  The other one despite repeated efforts to unlock is displaying an invalid SIM message. I've got the original Sprint SIM in it now. The S6 may not have support for all of the bands of the other carrier, but I'd like to give it a try. I'll reply to the personal message. Thank you!


Re: Another Galaxy S6 Unlock Story

Follow up!  I'm happy to say that the great folks here, RedCruzr_Sprint, Cat_Sprint, and KRow32_Sprint, were able to help me get my Galaxy S6 unlocked!  Even though the device appeared to be "unlocked" on Sprint's side, I kept getting Invalid SIM messages when I tried another carrier's SIM in it. Cat_Sprint created another ticket to unlock the device along with this helpful article:


I turned the device on, plugged the charger in, had the phone on Wi-Fi, and let it sit for several days. Exactly a week later, I received a message from QueenK_Sprint that my device was unlocked. Being somewhat unbelieving that this would actually be the case, I followed the steps in the article to reset it ( open the dial pad of the phone and enter ##72786## ) Once that was done, I tried a different SIM in it and lo and behold, the  "Invalid SIM" message did NOT display! That alone breathed new hope in me that the device was indeed unlocked! The device still attempts to do a hands-free activation, but I'll have to see if that goes away when the phone is active on another carrier. If not, I'll be back for a solution to that question :-)


I'm very pleased with the service these Sprint members provided.  They were all friendly, responsive and took care of me. Thanks to each of you!  



Re: Another Galaxy S6 Unlock Story

I will pass along the thanks. I'm happy to hear everything is good now. Let me know if you need anything else.



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