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Asked and Answered: Galaxy Watch LTE service issue


Asked and Answered: Galaxy Watch LTE service issue

ADMIN UPDATE: At this time, the Galaxy Watch does not support standalone voice and data.  Sprint has not yet released the software update which enables VoLTE on the watches.  We do not have an ETR as to when that will happen.  We will post an update in this forum when it does.  New threads on this topic will be merged with this one and locked.



Hello, I just recieved my galaxy watch lte today and set up my mobile account to the watch, I also have a separate number for my watch. The watch shows a LTE signal but I'm afraid it's not set up properly as it asks if I want to connect to bluetooth when I try to place a call with the watch. If I say no bluetooth it returns back to the previous screen. So my issue is that I can't  place calls from my LTE watch  or use lte features?

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That's been the same answer for months now, a future software update but how long into the future? 


This query is being merged with the previous thread of the same subject.  Question asked and answered to the best of our ability at this time.


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