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Back ordered pre-owned Galaxy note8?


Back ordered pre-owned Galaxy note8?

I placed an order for a Note8 today and everything went fine as an agent told me to be expecting a tracking number in my email soon. Now the order status is saying that the phone is out of stock... Even though I can go and add another Note8 to my cart without it saying its out of stock or on back order.... Anyone know how long a phone will stay on "back order" or out of stock?


Re: Back ordered pre-owned Galaxy note8?

Samsung doesn't give us a timeline on back ordered phones. We'll let you know as soon as it's back in stock.

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Re: Back ordered pre-owned Galaxy note8?

Well that sucks as I just cancelled my service with cricket wireless to come to sprint... Question is how long has anyone in the past waited for a pre owned phone to go back in stock?


Re: Back ordered pre-owned Galaxy note8?

Hey Nikyle23, The Note 8 came out in September 2017, so pre-owned inventory of that phone is getting pretty low.  Typically once pre-owned phones are out of stock, they're not coming back. 

Have you reached out to telesales or our chat sales teams? Our team here doesn't have access to the inventory tools to see what the current stock levels are at. 

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