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Caller ID and Spam Protection Not working on Note 10+


Caller ID and Spam Protection Not working on Note 10+

So there is an option on the Note 10+ called Caller ID and Spam Protection.   This was also on the Note 9.   Its supposed to show you if a call is considered spam and or who is calling if they aren't in your contact list.



Anyways it doesn't seem to work on my Note 10+ (it is turned on).   Samsung said its a carrier issue, but it worked fine on my Note 9.    Any ideas?


purchased from Sprint or unlocked from Samsung? and does it say Sprint Caller ID and Spam protection?

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Seems to me that maybe a software update could help. Open the Settings app > scroll down and select System updates > Tap Download and install, there you'll check if there's any software update available. 

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@fireguy_6364 Unlocked phone purchased from Samsung, but so was my Note 9.  @Sprint_Kryshna there are no updates for my phone currently.  


Sprint does not support free caller ID and Spam protection (even the baked into the phone version).

Sprint disabled it on the Note 9 (Blamed Samsung which was proven invalid).

Sprint wants you to buy theirs for 2.99/mo even as all the other carriers go to free.

It's a sad situation but you save money with Sprint because you get what you pay for.

Wow, that stinks.  Hopefully after the T-Mobile merger they will add it back.

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