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Cannot reset pin number


Cannot reset pin number

3 weeks ago, I ported out my number back to Verizon after trying out byod Sprint for ~6 months (of course Sprint decides to upgrade their LTE now). Everything seemingly went well at the VZW store as far as pin numbers go. 


Days later and I begin to notice I haven't been receiving texts or calls from most people-I can only send calls/texts.


Go back to Verizon and they tell me I must've given them a wrong pin number. Which is very odd because we tried all possible combinations of my usual pins. Birthdate, SSN, phone number-nothing worked.


I log into my account on Sprint's website. Before I can access it, they send me a text to verify my #. No can do as I am not receiving texts.


I called Sprint's customer service. They text me the actual pin. Not sure why they can't just tell me it but again, not working.


Go to a Sprint store and they tell me they flat out no longer have access to the account. Even more bs.


I've had my # for 10 years. Do not want to lose it. Never been more frustrated dealing with carriers. My last resort is to port out to some prepaid plan, then immediately port back into VZW and see if thay works. Any help here?

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Re: Cannot reset pin number

I would like to see what I can get done for you. When speaking of the PIN, you're talking about the PIN that is used to authenticate your account when you call or login to the website? If so, Care agents don't actually see the PIN, so they can't tell you what it was. Since you're account is canceled, I'm sure the store was unable to pull it. At this point, I can get into the account with the security answer and we can change the PIN. 


Please send me a private message with your phone number.





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