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Catch 22 ClickIT Ticket


Catch 22 ClickIT Ticket

Hello, i am attempting to file a ClickIT Ticket over the phone but the catch 22 is that i can't file a ticket unless i have an account. I cannot make an account with the BYOD plans unless i manage to have a phone that works with the network. My phone works with every other network. Can you help make sure my Samsung Galaxy S7 works over the SPRINT network? I've been run in circles for 3 days now so i'm attempting to reach out and escalate the urgency of this situation. I can send the IMEI over a private message.


Re: Catch 22 ClickIT Ticket

Hi SprintBeliever! I can help with this.  Send me a PM with the MEID/IMEI of that Samsung Galaxy S7, and I can get the ticket submitted, even though you don't have an account with us yet. 

Tacos and Hot Dogs are Sandwiches. We're likely not going to agree on this, but trust I'll work hard to get you an acceptable solution to your issue.
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