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Domestic unlock for my galaxy S8 plus


Domestic unlock for my galaxy S8 plus

I have paid off both devices on my account and have contacted the retention department to have both our phones unlocked so that we may use them with another service.


Does anyone know how long it takes for phones to be unlocked?



The lady didn't seem like she had any idea what she was doing and kept me on mute for 90% of the 45 min phone call and then asked for my email and said she did it. I haven't gotten any emails and I doubt she even typed it after trying to correct her several times.



Re: Domestic unlock for my galaxy S8 plus

We have two methods of processing an unlock, a ticket and a case. The ticket would take about 2 business days. The case would take 3-5 business days. I would need to access your account to determine which was done, though I'm going to assume a case was processed since she asked for your email address. If you need to check up on it, please send me a private message.





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