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Dropping Calls

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Re: New S8 incoming calls

keep checking the play store for a update to GV. i have been noticing this quite a bit lately with the S8 and GV..more than likely an update will be pushed for GV to remedy this.
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Connectivity S8+

I've had the S8+ now for about 2 weeks and have been to the service center 3 times and 5 calls to sprint customer care. My problem is i can't use my in a lot of places even though my coverage is there. Has anyone else been experiencing this issue?
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Re: Connectivity S8+

Hey Apache! What did the tech at the store say? What troubleshooting steps have you done? Please post your closest cross streets and ZIP code so we can take a look at the towers provided in your area.


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Samsung S8+ drop calls and can you hear me, NOT!!!

I bought the Galaxy S8+ less then a week ago and had to flip flop it with the Galaxy S7 Edge for my wife. Let me tell you at first, that was a horrible experience. Best Buy people were doing their best but the reps on the Sprint side did not know what they were doing. Best Buy reps had to call 5 to 6 times to resolve the issue. In less the 24hrs, I started experiencing drop call and people on the end side couldn't hear me.... I kept asking them, can you hear me now... can you hear me now and I believe the answer was NOT!!!

I called the service center today and spoke with George from India. I told him about the issues that we had. We had to reboot the system by called ##72.... But I do not understand how they expect us to know if the issue has been resolved if we didn't get a chance to make a phone call yet. George said to give it 10 days and if the problem is still there to take it to the Sprint Store and let the specialist look at it. Can someone explain to me why I have to take a phone that I paid $900 to be repaired when I only had it less than 7 days. I was transfered to George's supervisor who went over my issue that were completely from what the real issues where. According to George and his supervisor, my problem was that I can't connect to the internet? When my real problem was drop calls and can you hear me NOT! Once I told the supervisor that I am recording the phone call... he had to end the phone conversation asap!!! I guess Sprint does not want to be liable. My other question to George was how come my brother bought the same phone with T-Mobile and he has the option to make video calls or Facetime and I do not. George stated that Sprint is focusing on the phone calls and Data network for the time being. There you go, a Sprint employee just stated that Sprint is having issues with their calling systems. Last not but least, I message Sprint on Facebook and got 3 people messaging me back. Last was Renee who called me to resolve the issue but .... Luckily, I am under the 14 days return policy with Best Buy. I will return the phone till I switch to T-Mobile. Does anyone know if T-Mobile or Verizon are having the same issues or just Sprint?

Can you hear me now,NOT!!!


Re: Samsung S8+ drop calls and can you hear me, NOT!!!

rkurk, we are very sorry to hear that your experience with your new device has not been a good one.

Please reply to the private message I sent you at your convenience so that we can gather some account info and chat further about this.

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Re: Dropping Calls

I just want to update this and say that it appears the latest software update has fixed the problem. I'm now able to connect to incoming calls without them dropping. Google Voice is still activated. 

Thank you! 

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Re: Dropping Calls

There was a change made to some network functionality that should have resolved this, so not the device software you got, @Tattoosandcurve  Either way, though, glad it's better for you.  


I had a converastion with the product owner and confirmed that WiFI calling is enabled for the Galaxy S8/S8+ as well.


If you are still unable to make/receive calls (Or they drop as soon as you pick up), please create a new thread so we can assist!


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