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Forgot to factory reset before sending Asurion


Forgot to factory reset before sending Asurion

I recently dropped my Samsung phone and damaged the screen to the point I sent it to Asurion for a replacement. The phone turned on, but the screen stayed black. Call it ignorance, but I didn't realize it would be wise to factory reset the device before sending it in. Honestly I didn't even know what a factory reset was. I also didn't have a pass code to unlock the screen.


I already received my new device, but I am worried about all the personal information, passwords, photos, accounts etc. that would be accessible on the old device. That phone had my whole life on it.


I read about wiping the device using the Android Device Manager, but I would assume it is too late for that since I already have my new device.

How might Asurion wipe the phone if the screen is not functioning?

Am I being overly paranoid? Does anybody have any words of advice?

Sprint Social Care

Hi! As long as your personal information was backed up to your google account, you'll be able to retrieve it. As for wiping the device, Android Device Manager is the best option. Was the feature enabled on your old device? Using the app, once you're logged in with the same google account that was attached to the old device, follow these steps to erase the content;

  1. Open the Android Device Manager app.
  2. If there is more than one device, click the arrow next to the device name to select a different device.
  3. Tap Erase.
    • Note: Permanently deletes all data.
  4. On the Erase device? message, tap Erase
    • Android Device Manager sends the Erase / Reset request to the device.
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