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Galaxy Note 8 voicemail notifications not working

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Galaxy Note 8 voicemail notifications not working

I got a new Galaxy Note 8 from Sprint at the end of February -- migrated from a Verizon LG G2 with an ancient version of Android on it. At the end on March the system upgraded to Oreo (8.0). I have a blue theme (Material Design by Cameron Bunch), but very few other changes from the default setup. I have SW version N950USQU3CRC2, hardware REV1.0.


Yesterday, I received a call from an associate who happened to mention he'd left me several voice mails over the past week... I thought that odd because I've never seen any VM notifications. I tried my voicemail and couldn't access it, so I contacted Sprint via Chat session and they reset my PIN. I went in and retrieved 12 voice mails dating back several weeks (at least 2 were before the Oreo update). So I cleared out my VM and tried 3 tests over the next hour of so... I still don't get any visible notification of a voice mail. I looked at my Advanced App Notifications and Voicemail is ON, App Icon Badge is ON and Notifications "No sound" is ON.


I tried another chat session with Sprint today and they had me ##873282# to update profile, then restart. Still no joy, so I was directed to "Advanced Tech Support" with an 888 toll-free number (which I can't actually call right now).


I just test this again. Called my cell from my work phone... get VM and leave a message. I get a badge for a missed call on the phone icon, but nothing on the voicemail icon.... what am I missing here?



Accepted Solutions

Good afternoon. Another customer resolved this issue by doing the following:



Close the voicemail app and remove it from the memory

Go to settings/apps

Select voicemail

Select force stop

Select storage

Select clear cache

Select clear data

Relaunch voicemail app

The app should start as if brand new. Make sure to allow all permissions. 


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Good morning @gpence, thank you so much for posting your issue. Let's take a look into this. Please check your inbox and reply to the private message I just sent you.

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I never get a voicemail notification on my note 8 since i bought the phone. I would not know I have a voicemail unless I call to check if anyone left me a message. 


I would miss a whole lot of voicemails, since I would never remember to check it. So let's start on some troubleshooting. Please select the Voicemail icon on your phone. Select the 3 dots in the upper right corner. Go to Settings -> Updates. Please tell me what version of voicemail is on the phone.





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My Note 8 doesn't have a voicemail app or icon.  I will see the missed call just on the telephone app. Then to check if there is a voicemail I would have to get on the keypad and hold 1 to dial into my voicemail. I don't see any voicemail icon, but when i went into Settings then call settings i see voicemail. Then voicemail: service provider and nothing else.


Do you have a Visual Voicemail app on the phone?






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No visual voicemail. When i had iphone i would have that, but never had it on the galaxy note it. 


All righty. I'm going to need a smidge more info. I sent you a PM to get that info.


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I have had the same problem as the OP and I have a question for the experts trying to help. When you say the "Voicemail" icon -- are you referring to the voicemail icon in the Sprint group? When I click on that, the first thing I see is an ad to "Go Premium" with visual voicemail (i.e. - VM-to-Text). I'm not wanting to pay for VM to text, but I *do* want to know when I have a voicemail waiting. Is this the same icon you're talking about, or are Voicemail and Sprint Voicemail 2 different apps?


Are you able to press and hold the "1" on the dial pad to access the voicemail? I reset the voicemail settings on your device, and made some changes. Lets try to now to set your voicemail again. Press and hold the "1" on the dial pad and it will take you to the voicemail. Please follow the instructions on how to set up your voicemail.


1. Access voicemail by dialing your 10-digit phone number on your device, or press and hold the 1 key.
    •Note: Initial passcode is the 7-digit phone number.
2. Enter new 4 to 10-digit passcode.
3. Record name.
4. Record personal greeting or select standard greeting.
5. Select option to turn One Touch on or off.

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For me, that's what I've always done. I press 1 to check if i have a voicemail or not. Without calling my voicemail I would not know if someone left me a voicemail like when I was using an iPhone I could see that I have a voicemail without calling it. 


We offer visual voicemail. You can check it out when you scroll down on this page Also, if you click learn more under visual voicemail you can see information about premium visual voicemail.

If you want me to add that to your account send me a private message.



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