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Galaxy S8 LTE connection issues similar to S10+ issues


Re: Galaxy S8 LTE connection issues similar to S10+ issues

Interesting, well done!  I noticed the LTE only mode let me connect to LTE, but didn't know there was a way to still get calls...


Re: Galaxy S8 intermittent phone signal since software update a few days ago!

This doesn't work. It's only a temporary solution.

Re: Galaxy S8 intermittent phone signal since software update a few days ago!

What do you mean it "doesn't work"?


Re: Galaxy S8 LTE connection issues similar to S10+ issues

I copied this from someone else and added to this list of problems I'm experiencing  

Installed the latest update a few days ago (Android Pie) on my S8 and have run into issues.


So far what I've noticed

1) WiFI calling randomly announces "location timeout"

2) LTE sometimes disconnects....a lot

3) WiFI calling sometimes won't startup/connect

4) occasional data issues while on LTE (apps can't get to the network

5. Can't send or receive mms when I briefly have LTE.

6. I either get LTE, 3g or nothing at all. 

I've tried all resetting options! Sprint needs to fix this issue asap

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Re: Galaxy S8 LTE connection issues similar to S10+ issues

I've since activated a separate phone until this issue can be fixed. But the best luck I had with the S8 was to turn off roaming and even set the device to CDMA only as I only had any luck holding a CDMA connection.


It wasn't ideal of course due to the slower speeds, but kept me connected the most compared to other configurations. Good luck folks. Hope we see an update soon.


Re: Galaxy S8 LTE connection issues similar to S10+ issues

I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************

Re: Galaxy S8 LTE connection issues similar to S10+ issues

This worked for me. Hopefully this will work until they have a fix available


Re: Galaxy S8 LTE connection issues similar to S10+ issues

I am going to vent here for a moment. I apologize in advance for this.


According to the link from fireguy_6364, Sprint's solution to all of this is to wait and do nothing. But I'm sure they are still going to expect me to pay for my phone, the data and the service that I am not able to use at the moment. Sprint says that I should have 3G service but my phone is roaming 95% of the time. The 5% that it is 3G, it's so unstable that I can't use it. I use my phone for work. Am I going to get a refund/credit for the time that I am not able to use the services that I am paying for?


I went to a Sprint store today and they worked on the phone for over an hour. They told me that they did all they could for free. There is another option that, according to them, has a good success rate but it would cost me $200. It was some sort of hardware replacement within the phone and that was the reason for the charge. I didn't feel that I should have to pay to fix a problem that was caused by and update that I didn't need. The other option was to upgrade my phone. By why should I reward Sprint with another 1-2 year contract for their screw up? 


I even reached out to Samsung and they said the problem was not theirs, it was Sprint's problem to resolve. How hard would it be for Samsung to make available the previous version of Android and let us update/revert back until the problem is resolved? I'm not an expert but that shouldn't be that hard to do. 


This all leads me to the question, why should I stay with Sprint and Samsung? Neither of them has offered a satisfactory resolution. I understand that issues and problems are inevitable but there should always be a contingency plan in place in case something like this happens. This is unacceptable. How long are we supposed to wait? In Sprint's eyes, what is an acceptable time to go without phone service? 


I have been researching other phone plans. Has anyone had an experience with Google Fi? It is very intriguing to me. I am also interested in Visible by Verizon. Any other non contract phone plans that you would recommend? 


I will leave it at that. Thank you for allowing me to vent. If you read this entire message, I owe you a beer. I would Venmo it to you, but my phone is not working at the moment.


Re: Galaxy S8 LTE connection issues similar to S10+ issues

This is Sprints fault and they need to step up and release a fix or credit us as we are paying for service that we are not receiving. I to spent over an hour on the phone with someone at sprint that said they haven't heard of this problem. I call BS on that. 

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Re: Galaxy S8 LTE connection issues similar to S10+ issues

Hi everyone. We certainly hear your frustrations and we would hate to lose anyone as a customer over this issue especially when free beers are potentially on the table. We are working with Samsung to resolve this and will keep everyone updated as we hear more. 


As a side note, I think there may be some confusion within the community about these types of updates and wanted to share a little info as an FYI. 


When Samsung has to push an update out, like with Android Pie, they have to release a version for each phone model and for each carrier. Typically the delay that you will see in the release is while they test to make sure that the OS update, along with whatever updates the OEM has to make to their own alterations of the main OS, won't break the phone on a given network. In this case, an issue was not appropriately identified before release. Sprint's network is still up and running correctly, but the phone itself is having issues with the update to the OS and is impacting the phone's ability to grab onto LTE correctly. However, the phone is still able to grab 3G and WiFi, so that can be used as a work-around until a fix can be identified and released. 


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Re: Galaxy S8 LTE connection issues similar to S10+ issues

I wonder if this is the same issue the S10's have and thus can be fixed similar?


On the comment about 3G I would say this isn't always true. The issue is Sprint misleads customers in calling 1x a 3G data session on "Branded" phones so how can a customer know if they are on 3G data without going into Debug menus they shouldn't even be in??


My area for example only gets 1x or LTE but the phone calls 1x 3G at Sprints request. This means I get 0.01Mbps down and registers as 0.00 (yup all 0's) up. That is not 3G speeds nor is 1x even 3G. At best it should show a 2g icon if you want to call it a "2G technology"...


As part of all these updates can Sprint have the appropriate configs for its "Branded" phones updated to appropriately tell the users what technology it's ACTUALLY connected to? Unlocked models honor the proper identification, only OEM Branded phones and ONLY on Sprint seem to do this...


I find it funny considering Sprint makes fun of AT&T for calling 4G LTE 5G E yet Sprint calls 1x 3G.

It's these exact issues that make this more of an issue because consumers do NOT really know what mode the phone is in or connected to actually due to the misleading identification.


How do I know if I have a data congestion issue vs my phone is using a slower technology if I am lied to about the mode it's in??


Re: Galaxy S8 LTE connection issues similar to S10+ issues

Sprint keeps telling me that I can use 3G until this issue is resolved. My first problem is that I pay for more than 3G. Regardless of that, I keep telling them that I am unable to use the 3G. It is an unstable connection. It may show 3G for a few minutes but then it'll switch to roaming and then no service. That means dropped calls, missed/ delayed messages, and inability to use data. The only way for me to get a stable 3G connection is to to use CDMA network only. However, Sprint tells me not to do that. 


My other issue is that no one is taking ownership of this problem. I understand that this is an update from Samsung that caused the problem. But my payments go to Sprint. If Sprint is going to take my money every month, then they need to be willing to take ownership of problems that I experience while using their equipment and services. I've talked with at least 8 people with Sprint and only 3 knew about this issue - or were willing to admit there is a problem. I don't know if that is a communication issue or if Sprint is trying to pretend there is no issue. 


"We're working on a solution but we don't know when we'll have an answer", is not a satisfactory response to me. I don't know when this problem was first discovered but it looks like it's been over a week or more. I feel like that's more than able time to resolve this. 


I'm sorry I keep using this forum to vent. Thanks again for your time. 

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