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Galaxy S8 Wi-Fi calling location timeout


Galaxy S8 Wi-Fi calling location timeout

The update I received this morning G950USQU5DSD3 is giving Wi-Fi calling a fit. This has happened previously on other versions and either works itself out or an update fixes it. Never really pay attention except curse the phone and carrier. Today I've probably received 6 alerts while in the office:


Location timeout

Wi-Fi Calling is unable to determine your location. It's recommended to change your locating method to High accuracy.


The issue is "Improve location accuracy" is already on so not sure what else it wants me to turn on.

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I too have this problem. As soon as I walk into most buildings I get the message. It seems that my phone is in room half of the time, which doesn’t matter if I am inside or outside. Based on what Ive read so far, there is no true fix. Which sucks. I’m using the WiFi calling to deal with the I’m in roam issue all the time so I can access data. 




Oddly I turned on wifi calling yesterday while at home because I'm having some service issue after Hurricane Dorian still that I haven't gotten resolved. When coming into the office today with our Airave on (which I agree absolutely sucks between losing calls 5 minutes in and getting your voice echoing back, to giving static to the other caller after a few minutes, and the list goes on) and Wifi calling still on I'm not getting location timeouts, yet the Wifi calling icon is still up. So not sure what I'm connected to, but when I just went and unplugged the Airave I started getting location timeouts again.


For me the issue started happening not after the actual Pie update, but a service update done shortly after. 


I've also got an Airave 3. I had turned it off a while ago, when wifi calling was working fine. I just turned it back on. Other issues with the Airave aside, when it is on, my phone acts like it will connect with wifi calling, but if I go to make a call that way, I get nowhere.  Only when I either totally turn off wifi calling, or turn it off for my home network.  


I thought maybe a MagicBox could be the answer, but a) Not supported in my neighborhood (probably too far from a cell tower) and b) It is only LTE without VoLTE, so couldn't use it for calls anyhow.  




Well, I have solved my problem - haven't had a timeout for a week now!


Got an Airave 4. Now when the phone needs to ping a cell tower, it pings the Airave, and it's a happy guy. I presume the same results would come with a MagicBox.  I really have no other requirement for the Airave, but it does put out a nice LTE signal (VoLTE not currently supported) from which speedtest gives me 70 Mbs when I am up close to the device. But most importantly, anywhere I am in the house, I have a "tower" the phone can ping. 




We're so happy to hear the Airave is working for you!

"Is your name Wi-Fi? Because I'm feeling a connection."

Has there been any update on resolving the requirement for a cell signal to use wifi calling? By either Sprint or Samsung?  My phone is still useless at home since I have no cell signal,  but I do have good GPS accuracy. 




To the best of my knowledge, no.  I still get Location not available if  don't have a Cell signal, and WiFi calling will not work.  My work around to the issue is I have an Airave 4 (think an Airave 3 or a Magic Box will also work here). The only purpose the Airave serves is it puts out a nice LTE signal, which my phone sees and does not timeout, so WiFi calling will work reliably from home. I don't use the CDMA from the Airave. But when I am out and about in the neighborhood, like at a friends house where the tower signal is poor, I will get the timeout messages.  My wife's iPhone does not have these issues.  


I saw the post about an AIRAVE helping the situation. I have an old AIRAVE 2.5+ I dug out and reconnected.  It did not help my Location Unavailable issue.  The issue only seems to occur when I am at home.  It is such a nuscience I have to turn the sound off my phone while at home which defeats the purpose of having a phone.  Resetting the phone with ##72786# temporarily give some relief, but it not an acceptable work around.  If Sprint doesn't get this fixed I may have to opt for a different carrier.


Does the Airave 2.5 put out an LTE signal?  The way I read it:


It is only CDMA.  That may be why it's not doing the job.  I would go to Sprint and ask for an upgrade to the 4 (or at least the 3).  I have seen various posts that that the S8 needs an LTE signal for location determination, and I can certainly attest to the fact that without the Airave, I was getting the error and without the Airave 4, I'm not getting it with the Airave 4.


There is a bug somewhere, and I'm sure Sprint lays it on Samsung (doesn't happen witht he iPhone or LG) and Samsung lays it on Sprint (doesn't happen on Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T).  In the meantime, we are the ones who suffer.


Other solutions: See if the merger with T-Mobile (if it happens) does; different phone or different carrier (which might mean a different phone).


Personally, I am thinking about the S11 when it comes out, but I'm hearing various things  that are making me rethink.  In particular, don't really want to pay for a 5G phone now - it will be years before that is of any value to me. And also waiting to see if T-Mobile goes through and solves my problem.




I'll contact Sprint and see if they will trade the Airwave 2.5+ for a more updated version with LTE.  I'm so disappointed as I loved the Galaxy S8+ before the Android 9 update brought on this issue.


Hi. Did the Airave stop working? Are all the lights on and green?

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No, the Airave 2.5+ is working (all lights are green) but I am told in this thread that this version of AirRave does not support LTE which is why my Galaxy 8+ phone running Android 9.0 continues to throw the "Location Timeout" error message.  Earlier in this thread there is information about the ability of an LTE connection provided by Airrave 3.0 and 4.0 solving the issue when in a bad reception area (like in my home.)  The AiRave 3.0 and 4.0 can provide this connection.  As it is the error comes so frequently with an audible alert that I am forced to silence my phone, which is not an acceptable work around.  


Are you with Sprint and can you assist in getting me an updated Airrave?

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