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Galaxy S9 will not do internet or hotspot while on a phone call


Galaxy S9 will not do internet or hotspot while on a phone call

Sprint sold me a Galaxy S9 that shuts down the internet and hotspot when on a phone call. I've been fighting for months to get this fixed. Just today the repair team took a priority escalation and told me they would call me back in 2-4 hours. They never called. The were supposed to call me 10/21 and didn't. Last month they sent me to their store to pick up a sim card after 3 employees failed to mail it to me. I had the Sprint staff make me the appointment so they would be sure it was in stock. It wasn't and they tried to get me to drive another 20 miles to get it. I refused and they mailed me one the next day.

After waiting six hours today for them to call I got on the Chat at 6:30. It's now 9:30 and I just learned that they sold me a phone that cant do internet or hotspot during a phone call. They say it not defective and I should have known what I bought. I asked "if I should have known, why did none of your employees not know?" They say I'm stuck with 3 defective phones. Gave a slap in the face with a $10 dollar credit for a hundred hours of fighting this hotspot internet problem. Amazingly cold.

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