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Galaxy Watch3 Remote Connection Calls


Galaxy Watch3 Remote Connection Calls

I have spent over 4 hours on the phone the last 2 days and been to 2 different stores for assistance with my problem and have to say I am very disappointed with the service I've received. 


I bought a Galaxy Watch3 After talking to someone on the phone who told me when the watch is on LTE I will be able to make outgoing calls that will appear like they have come from my cell phone as well as calls to my cell will forward to my watch. 


So after receiving my watch in the mail I then configured it using the app on my phone. All notifications do come through to my watch when connected remotely, including missed calls on my phone, except calls to my phone do not ring on my watch.  Also when i make an outgoing call from my watch when on LTE it shows a different caller ID then my mobile device. 


I called up and after an hour on hold spent an hour working with someone who said the plan appeared to be configured wrong but couldn't be removed until midnight and they would call me back the next day (yesterday) at 2pm.  At 3pm I had not received a call. I think called, waited on hold for 45 minutes, and worked with someone for 2 hours who told me to go to a store for further assistance, I got an address from her. 


Upon arriving at the store I was told "this is a T-Mobile store, you need a sprint store". Which to me didn't seem right, but find, I drive 10 minutes to the old sprint store - Which is also a T-Mobile store.  I go in and speak to someone who was friendly - but had no idea how the device worked and proceeded to flirt with her co-worker while assisting me. 


She then finally said "well just use it on bluetooth, it works that way" - to which i explained I paid extra money for the LTE version and that was not a good her answer. Her manager basically told me "we are sales people what do you want from us". He did offer to call customer service for me and wait on hold. I didnt have an hour to stand there while he did that after he told me he couldn't assist me. 


I called customer service again - this time the cancelation line.  They got me back over to tech support - after another hour on hold. After an hour working with this guy, who was very nice, he was unable to fix the issue also. 


I have now reset this watch to factory defaults 6x over 3 days working with multiple people and it still does not work the way I was told it would. 


Can someone, ANYONE, @Em_Will_I_Am ,please assist me with getting this corrected.  I was told I would get a call back today at 5pm but as the last person who told me they would call me still hasn't - i have little to no faith in getting a call back. 


I've been with sprint for over 20 years and i've never experienced an issue this poorly handled. 


Hopefully someone can assist me with fixing this.


Thank you 

Community Manager

You raaaaaaaang? PM me your phone number, so I can see how the watch is set up? 


Sent you a PM with both the cell and the watch number - thank you for your help in advance. 

Sprint Social Care

Hi, I'm sending you a private message, I'm here to help 🙂


Can you tell me why data roaming is missing from the menu


I was going to purchase the Galaxy Watch 3 on the Sprint website but one of the screens asked if I wanted a new phone number for my Galaxy Watch 3 or transfer my current phone number to the new device (the Galaxy Watch 3). At this point I tried to contact a sales representative via the Sprint chat feature in the My Sprint app but after waiting 40 minutes no human ever got on the chat to help. So to prevent myself from making the wrong choice I did not buy the watch.


To the OP: Did you purchase your phone from Sprint? If so, did you chose to transfer your phone number or have a new phone number for the watch?  Note: There was a warning that transferring my phone number would cause it to stop working on my phone once the new device (the watch) was activated. This doesn't make sense thus my reason for trying to contact a Sprint rep. Any clarification on your purchase process would be greatly appreciated. 


I bought it through Samsung.  I think you need a new number


Okay thank you!

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