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Held Hostage to bad Service


Held Hostage to bad Service

The wife and I became customers back in October of 2018 because we believed the advertisements about good service and upgrading. Even the representative I initially spoke to stated we could upgrade anytime(false). Aslo she lied about my monthly payment which I had to called back to get lowered. Our phones constantly have problems with reception, dropped calls, freezing, etc. Took them to a Tech store in Gurnee, IL only to be told nothing wrong and dropped call problems are due to upgrading of towers (yeah right). Was told same thing by representative when I called to complain. Called and spoke with two managers. One told me because I didn't call and complain sooner or more often that I'm probably making it up. Wow! My wife and I just want out without being penalized. We will even send phones back if we can go without penalty otherwise we are being held Hostage to bad service. Yes YOUR service is the WORST. I left Sprint in 1988 because of bad service and said I would never go back but I took a chance thinking things would be different but I was wrong. When we leave this time I won't break that promise to myself again. 


Signed: Eternally frustrated Hostages 


Good morning Mrharris1. I'm sorry that you've had such a rough time so far. I'd like to assist in any way I can. I'd like to take a deeper look into this for you. I sent you a PM so I can gather a smidge of info. 




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