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Help Adding Unlocked Note 10+ IMEI to Sprint Database


Help Adding Unlocked Note 10+ IMEI to Sprint Database

I have an unlocked note 10+ which for some reason shows it's IMEI as incompatible. After funneling through a ton of support agents on chat I finally reached a knowledgeable support person who told me the IMEI will need to be added to the Sprint Database. They directed me to a corporate store, upon arrival noone there had any clue what to do and referred me back to phone support. After spending a few hours getting to a knowledgeable tech I was essentially told the same thing and directed to the corporate store. Rather than go round and round forever I'm hoping someone can help me get this process started so I can start using my new phone.

Sprint Employee

Hi @Bn1651! We have a quick and easy process where you can check if the phone is eligible to work on Sprint, and if it is the device will be added immediately to the database. Just click here and click on "Get started". When contacting Sprint, we have a similar process where we can tell if the phone is eligible to be added to our database immediately. If you have been told this phone is cannot work on Sprint, there may be certain reasons, including it may have network band limitations that would result in not working on our network. We only accept the Open Market version of the Note 10+ . If the model you have has carrier branding on the phone other than Sprint, it is not an Open Market variant of the phone. I can take a look at it, just send us a Private Message. Click on my name and then on "Send a message". 

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