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How Do I Get Voicemail to Work Like Voicemail Normally Does?

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How Do I Get Voicemail to Work Like Voicemail Normally Does?

New Sprint customer here, with a new Galaxy S 9+. With all my previous phones, if I got a new voicemail, the phone would notify me of this in the drop-down window and I could click on the notification and the phone would automatically call voicemail and I could listen to my messages. Easy as pie.


With my new phone, if I get a voicemail message and I click on the notification drop-down for it, the phone opens up an app instead where it apparently wants me to read my voicemail message (Visual Voicemail) instead of just listening to it. Is there any way to change this so that it works like an actual cell phone should work? I assume if I disable notifications on the Voicemail app I won't get any notification whatsoever when I get a voicemail message. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.


(Words cannot express how disappointed I am with this. When I get a voicemail message, I don't want a **bleep** app to open, I want to be able to quickly go to voicemail and listen to my message. How can a phone carrier screw up something so unbelievably simple?)


Re: How Do I Get Voicemail to Work Like Voicemail Normally Does?

The first thing I want to check on, is verifying that aren't subscribed to Premium Visual Voicemail. Go into the Visual Voicemail app, press the menu key and then click settings. Click on manage subscriptions and confirm there is no subscription. I need you to check the notifications option in the same menu. You're looking for a way to get the voicemail to go to a call instead of the app.









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Re: How Do I Get Voicemail to Work Like Voicemail Normally Does?

Thank you for your help. As I opened the app to check the subscriptions, a popup window came up that informed me my "free one-month of Premium Visual Voicemail has expired." It prompted me to set up a subscription, but I turned it down.


If I go to Settings->Preferences->Manage Subscription, I get a popup window giving me options for "Premium Visual Voicemail for $2.99/month" (which is automatically selected) and "Basic Visual Voicemail for $0.50 per month." I can select either, and at the bottom I can either tap 'Cancel' or 'Subscribe.' I chose 'Cancel' because I don't want to spend additional money on voicemail.


I can't find a Notifications selection in that menu, or in the Preferences section, or in the main Settings section of the app. Under "Preferences" the options are "Manage subscription, "Auto forward to email," "Personalize voicemail" (this dials up the voicemail system so I can record a new answer), "Delete messages," "Mobile advertising preferences," "Disable ads," "Transcriptions displayed," "Disable free trials," and "SMS delivery of voice message."


Re: How Do I Get Voicemail to Work Like Voicemail Normally Does?

I hear you. When I first saw this newfangled app, I almost lost it, but over time I came accustomed to it.


When Google Voice was removed, it disabled some peoples' normal voice mail. If that's the case, than I can add that feature back on. I'll be more than happy to look into this for you. I going to need some more info. I sent you a PM to gather that info.


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Re: How Do I Get Voicemail to Work Like Voicemail Normally Does?

This solution in the Samsung note 9 forum was helpful to me and fixed my issues.


RESOLUTION... (maybe)  so this has been my issue for 2 weeks.  today I realized a possibility solution and it worked for me...

close voicemail app and remove from memory

go to settings/apps

select voicemail

select force stop

select storage

select clear cache

select clear data

relaunch voicemail app

The app should start as if brand new.  Make sure to allow all permissions.




Re: How Do I Get Voicemail to Work Like Voicemail Normally Does?

Thanks for the suggestion, but it doesn't resolve the problem I described. I was interested in avoiding the Sprint Voicemail app altogether. I decided to just give in and use the app. 


One reason I didn't like it was that it had an initial message labeled "Try Visual Voicemail!" that would continually show up as a Notification even if I cleared all notifications. I had "Try Visual Voicemail!" stuck in my Notifications for a month because I didn't realize that if I actually clicked on the "Try Visual Voicemail!" message in the app, it would be marked as 'read' and no longer show up as a Notification. Once I was receiving Notifications about missed phone calls instead of a lame marketing message, I was MUCH happier with the app. 

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