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Invalid sim card error

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Invalid sim card error

 I'm in the process of switching carriers. My husband and I both called and had our phones unlocked at the same time. His is an iPhone, mine a galaxy s7. His is working just fine on the new carrier, mine still gives me the invalid aim card error. So far I've tried two different carriers and gotten the same error. Both carriers tell me my phone is locked, Sprint continues to tell me that it is unlocked.


I've been keeping the Sprint SIM card in my phone. Now it gives me the invalid SIM card error with the Sprint SIM card...


I've called repeatedly and I've been to the store three times. I just paid for this phone and as of now, I cannot use it not can I sell it because it is "locked".

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I just went ahead and sent you another private message. Let us know if this works out!


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I'm having a similar issue. My son's iPhone 7 did an update and couldn't connect to the cellular network. it's a known issue with the 7 (it happened to my work phone too) so I took it to the apple store where they replaced it with another phone. Now I'm getting the error from his new phone.


Let's take a look at this. Send me a private message so I can get your account info.

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I am also having the same problem with my Galaxy S7.  Sprint says the phone is already unlocked.  Please help. I did work for about 4 hours at first.


Howdy jtwph0672. I'll be more than happy to look into this for. I sent you PM so I can gather a smidge of info. 


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I have similar issue with my S10+

Sprint said it's unlocked (domestic + international)

When I insert the sim card, it says invalid

Any potential solution you may have?



I am having the same issue I called customer service and they say the phone is unlocked but, I still get a message saying invalid Sim contact sprint to unlock your phone.


Hi ActionJ. It's possible that we sent an unlock code at one point that was not received by the phone, so our system shows that an unlock request was successful and has the phone marked as unlocked. In order for the signal to come through, the phone must be powered on, connected to WiFi, and have the Sprint SIM in the phone at the time the unlock code is sent out from Sprint.


If you qualify for an unlock (details in the link below) and need help with getting a new signal sent out, drop me a PM and we can get some additional info so that we can put a new request out for you.


SOLUTION: Sprint Hints for Successful Unlocks


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I had similar issue where they said it's unlocked but i get the invalid sim card error
By coincidence I found how to fix it
Go to settings, system updates, in the bottom UICC unlock will say (your device is locked to sprint Sims only), click on it and after few seconds it will activate unlocking. And say it's unlocked.
I hope that helps out others

I'm having this problem with an s9+. I've already called 2 times both people told me it was unlocked but it's still not activated

Have you tried the method I mentioned above?

I tried but in my system update, I don't have that option. Just update PRL and Update profile but both of those don't work when I try them

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