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Invalid sim card error


Invalid sim card error



 I'm in the process of switching carriers. My wife and I both called and had our phones unlocked at the same time. Mine is an iPhone, hers is a galaxy s7. Mine is working just fine on the new carrier, her still gives me the invalid aim card error. So far I've tried two different carriers and gotten the same error. Both carriers tell me my phone is locked, Sprint continues to tell me that it is unlocked.


I've been keeping the Sprint SIM card in my phone. Now it gives me the invalid SIM card error with the Sprint SIM card...


I've called sprint repeatedly and I've been to the store. I am worried that we'll never be able to use my wife's phone due to this issue.


I have seen several other issues on the forum all relating to Android phones. Not sure it has to do something with it.


Can anyone please help?

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Re: Invalid sim card error

I'll need to pull your account and the phone information to see what the unlock status is and what has been done through your account so far. I'm going to send you a private message to get that information. 





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