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Is a Note5 Sim card compatible with the Note8?

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Is a Note5 Sim card compatible with the Note8?

Hi all,


So I recently had to send in my Note8 for repair due to some long standing issues with it. I received the phone back without the Sim card. I have my previous phone, a Note5 that has a SIM card in it. I was hoping it would be compatible with the Note8 since they're both the same size but I'm getting this message: "The SIM card has locked. Please power cycle the device and if the problem persists contact Customer Support."

I use my phone for work so I was hoping to get this fixed tonight but unfortunately the call/chat hours ended at 10pm CST. Am I doing something wrong here or is the Note5 SIM just not compatible with the Note8?
I tried googling this/searching this on the forum but couldn't get a clear answer.


Re: Is a Note5 Sim card compatible with the Note8?

The Note5 and the Note8 do use different SIM cards. For the Note8 you would want to call your nearest Sprint store and let them know the situation so you can swing in and grab a replacement SIM card. Once you have that SIM card, they need to pair it onto your account/with your Note8 and you should be good to go. The info they will need for the correct SIM is copied below. 


4 in 1 SIM KIT UPC - 760492044707

4 in 1 SIM KIT Part Number - SIMOLW416Q

4 in 1 SIM KIT Identifier - B


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