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Messaging client for MMS over wifi?


Messaging client for MMS over wifi?

I have called and online chatted and cannot get an answer to my question/problem.  I am new to Sprint and have a brand new S20.  Before coming to sprint, I saw the following on their website:


"Android phones: SMS (text) is supported in Wi-Fi Calling mode. MMS (pictures and group texts) is supported on select devices in Wi-Fi Calling mode. Depending on the device manufacturer and messaging client, cellular coverage is required for MMS. For example, devices with the Android Messages client requires cellular coverage for MMS."


Sounded to me like I just needed to find the right messaging client for my S20.  I have not found ANY way to send or receive MMS over wifi.  I have tried 8 different messaging clients and scoured the help pages for settings that might need to be changed.  I MUST get this figured out as I do not have cell coverage at my house.  I need to be able to send/receive MMS over wifi for work.  If I do not get this figured out I will have to go back to Verizon.

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Re: Messaging client for MMS over wifi?

Yeah, it's not a client issue, but more an authentication issue.  As we all know, MMS uses data, but in order to make sure you get pics that belong to you and pics go out from you, the device has to drop down to mobile service and authenticate on our servers that you are @rabbits.  This also have to happen while on wifi.  If you truly have no Sprint service, then your device cannot authenticate to send and receive pics on the picture mail server.  That would explain the problem.


So, how do you fix it?  Well, you can have everyone you text to sign up RCS, but the logistics with that is a nightmare and iPhone users cannot do RCS.  Also, you can see if your area is good for a Magic Box which would be like a tower in your home for data services.  Then your device could drop down to mobile and send/receive MMS.

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