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Note 20 Ultra 5G - Questions about activation


Note 20 Ultra 5G - Questions about activation

I am buying a Note 20 Ultra 5G directly from Samsung. I am a current Sprint account member.


1) Do I buy a T-Mobile Carrier phone or a "Spring on T-Mobile Carrier" phone?

2) Depending on the 1st answer, will I need to buy a new phone in the near future if I upgrade now to a new Sprint Phone?

3) Will the 5G work on the Sprint and T-Mobile networks? I read the the Sprint 5G network was shut down after the merge.


Thank you,



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  1. Buy a Sprint carrier or a unlocked device.
  2. No, once you're ungraded eligible you can upgrade to a Sprint device.
  3. The 5G service would work on both networks. 
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