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Note 8 Pie update - no LTE

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Note 8 Pie update - no LTE

After the Pie update completed, my zNote 8 phone won't connect to LTE. A Sprint store worked on it for several hours and could not get it to connect.  Updated PRL and profile several times, rebooted, etc.  Please help.

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It's worth a phone wouldn't connect to LTE but when I changed the mode to LTE only it worked just fine.


LTE connects briefly at startup. It works. Just not continuously until you change the settings.

@OCT376 wrote:

Samsung S8... Here's what I did as a fully functional work around...


I think I have a working work-around. Here's what I've done. I saw someone post something similar to this before (maybe in another thread) so I can't take the full credit if this works for someone. If it doesn't work,  just change your settings back to what they were before (Automatic, And Not LTE only mode)


1. ##72786# (your phone will immediately reboot)

2. Settings->Connections->System Updates->Update PRL

3. Settings->Connections->System Updates->Update Profile

4. Settings->Connections->Voice Networks-> Select LTE - Phone will reboot.

5. ##3282#->Edit->000000->OK->More Settings->HDR/1X Selection-> Select LTE only Mode->OK->Back->Back->Reboot phone.


At this point, I could get data but NOT make or receive phone calls. Then my Spidey senses told me I should then do the following.

6. Settings->Connections-Voice Networks-> Turn on VoLTE (now you can make and receive calls)


Hope this helps someone else as my phone has never been better since this work-around.

Just tried this on my S8 and it is working for data and voice - will let you know how it goes... Thanks for the work around!!


The problem is not universal, nor exactly the same across the board - my LTE never connects and no amount of disabling bands or forcing LTE-only cause it to. I've recorded probably 30 minutes of *#0011# with various settings just to see if I can spot anything and no.


Pretty sure if I was in a different market with different equipment on the towers I might be able to connect from what I'm reading in the S10 and S9 forums. Like some areas you disable band 41, some band 25 or 26, and I'm in doesn't matterville so I never establish a data connection in the first place.


Are there any updates on this issue? I still have no LTE service and very little 3G service. I am mostly now no service, unless wifi is present. so, I can't use my phone outside the house or work. Useless! I am not a happy camper!


In same boat. Turned on lte only. Lte calling doesn't work, so I'm using Google voice in the meantime. Would like a response from Sprint about any support.


The factory reset didn’t work for me. Samsung told me that they weren’t aware of the issue, so it was hard to determine a timeline for pushing another update to fix it. Phone was even under warranty and they wouldn’t do anything to help. Ended up using my upgrade for a new iPhone. 


I belong to Apple now.

Right now we are awaiting a fix for this. There should be a software update soon to fix this.

"Is your name Wi-Fi? Because I'm feeling a connection."

That's great!
Switching my phone to Verizon fixed the issue for me.

Any updates yet? Do I have to switch carriers to get a working phone? 3G isn't an option in 2019. If sprint cared about its customers they would be giving us new phones to replace the ones they broke with the update. Sprint blames Samsung, Samsung refers you to sprint. I pay to lease my phone from sprint and have gone over a week now with a broken phone. Getting ticked. At least give us the option to get out of our lease early termination fees!


It's a Sprint issue. I did nothing to my phone other than put a Verizon SIM in it, and bingo, 4g.

Thanks for the updates and diagnosis. Not updating my Sprint Note 8 to Pie. May I ask what market areas are people having LTE problems? Is it tower tech in a particular Sprint region?
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