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Note 8 Pie update - no LTE

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Note 8 Pie update - no LTE

After the Pie update completed, my zNote 8 phone won't connect to LTE. A Sprint store worked on it for several hours and could not get it to connect.  Updated PRL and profile several times, rebooted, etc.  Please help.

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@RedCruzr_Sprint wrote:

@RemyBuB, I'm not sure if this is result of the PIE update or not. 


@TrinitySoundSys, there are no further updates at this time.



Well I was thinking, if the Sim card(or phone) thinks it's actually on Verizon towers then maybe this is part of the problem with the 4G issue.

I know there are no updates, but maybe it is information worth passing along to someone who is actually working on the issue. 


I'll send the information off. 





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Sounds good. Canceling my sprint account Monday and switching back to t-mobile.


It not like sprint is going to be around much longer anyways since they are merging


If you cancel before contacting the new carrier, you may lose your number. You may want to contact the new carrier first to make sure they get you moved. Good luck.

Sprint doesn't care and is in no rush to fix this, they're just hoping this will make people upgrade their phones and sign new lease contracts


Has anyone tried the suggested fix going around that has you pop in a sim from tmobile or Verizon to recover and establish LTE then remove it and put a sprint sim back in? Supposedly this works, but of course the phone needs to be unlocked in order to try that method.


Where have you heard that one? I've got as unit


Sorry got bumped and sent. I've got a unit I'll test when I get home

I've read it on a few websites

I'd be interested to know what websites are posting that.


Plugged T-Mobile/Ting SIM into my downed Note 8, works fabulously, plug the Sprint SIM that's in my S10+ into it and back to the ol' 3G 2mbit.


So, not a universal fix, be interested to know who it worked for.


Ahhh. Oh well. Maybe I'll still give it a try. Here's one of the websites that posted that supposed fix.


That link suggest switching carriers, not popping in a T-Mobile and popping back to Sprint.


Switch to T-Mobile fixes it. Switch to Verizon fixes it.


Not pop a different carrier SIM, establish LTE, and pop Sprint back in in and it works on Sprint.


Which is why it's called a Sprint-unfriendly fix - because you're leaving Sprint and going with Ting, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc.



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