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Note 9 Two Steps Backwards Paying for service and No VoLTE


Note 9 Two Steps Backwards Paying for service and No VoLTE

I Purchase phone on January, I wanted to get the iPhone but representative talked me into getting a Samsung by saying  iPhones are trash and overrated. To get to the facts, I’m paying to have the capability to talk and surf at the same time and I’m not getting it. Note 9 was the biggest piece of garbage release to the public. Device doesn’t have the capability to talk and surf, it has to be one or the other. Waste of 1,000 dollars. Both of my old LG Stylos has the feature to do so. I don’t get why something newer and 10x more expensive does not. I tried to take the device back quite a few times and spend hours on the phone trying to reach some source of solution and the only solution they can come up with is to paid phone off and upgrade to a new one or wait till the full year is complete then upgrade. One thing is for sure I will be upgrading to a better carrier that actually solves problems not add more.

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