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Note 9 Voicemail app does not recognize voicemail ever

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Re: Note 9 Voicemail app does not recognize voicemail ever

I did two things and it fixed my issue. First I cleared the storage and cache of the Voicemail app and re set everything up. Then I connected my Note 9 to WiFi calling and then I called my own phone number again (previously it would just give me a busy signal). It immediately asked for a passcode and I was able to get back into my Voicemail. Then I called my phone from another phone, declined the call, was sent to voicemail, left a message, and then I got a notification on my phone for a new voicemail. 


Re: Note 9 Voicemail app does not recognize voicemail ever

I just want to say thank you so very much!! I've been through several Sprint Techs and after multiple troubleshooting tries they finally told me they didn't know how to fix the issue and that another person would call me in 5 business days. I've gotten that run around over and over. My personal phone is my work phone too. I can't even begin to express the frustration of not being able to allow my clients to leave a message. After looking everywhere for a fix I came across this thread. Tried option 1 with no luck, option 2 seemed far fetched but I tried it anyway. IT WORKED!!! 


Note 9 users, skip right to option two! Turn on WiFi (near access of course), then WiFi call option and than set up your voicemail. I expected wholeheartedly to hear that dang busy signal again after 2 months of trying to get it to work, but no IT ACTUALLY WORKED. Once done you can turn off the WiFi call and WiFi and it still works fine. Sorry so excited and grateful!

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Re: Note 9 Voicemail app does not recognize voicemail ever

@jlynn1219, thank you so much for checking in and letting everyone know about your experience. 





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Re: Note 9 Voicemail app does not recognize voicemail ever

To everyone who is having issues with the Sprint and their Visual Voicemail icon not appearing on the top notification area on their NOTE 9's.


I was on the phone with Sprint Rep. and with Samsung Rep. trying to resolve this same issue as many of you are having. I found out that when you buy a UNLOCKED phone that the Visual Voicemail app is NOT loaded onto the phone because it technically is not a Sprint phone so it doesn't come preloaded by Sprint onto the phone. So the solution is to first look in your apps list. By going to Settings, then Choose Apps then scroll through the apps list and look for Visual Voicemail. If you don't see Visual Voice app there go to the Play Store and download the app. SIMPLE AS THAT. My problem was solved. I hope this helps others 

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