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Note8 Zero Bars on Casa Pebble and Cell Towers


Note8 Zero Bars on Casa Pebble and Cell Towers

I'll try to be brief, but this seems to be a long and lingering issue I've had.


Backstory, up until a month and half ago, I've been using my 3 year old Note8 on a Airave 2.5 flawlessly for years.  Including using a Note 2 and 4 on the same Airave.  Here at home there is zero cellular service, but we have fiber internet so the Airave allowed me to make flawless cellular (3 dings before placing the call) or WiFi calling.


About a month and half ago, I received a Casa Pebble to upgrade my slowly dying Airave 2.5.  After getting it setup, (including unplugging my Airave) I could make / receive initial text messages, but no phone calls.  I reset the Casa Pebble according to instructions, went to town about 10 miles away to update my PRL, Profile, etc.  Came back, and noticed the VoLTE icon/WiFi calling icons at the top.  When attempting to place a call, it only would go through via WiFi calling as the green light on the Casa Pebble never flickered to indicate activity.  Yet would flicker when I would text.


Finally, I disabled WiFi service and WiFi calling, rebooted, and now discovered I had ZERO cellular bars on the Casa Pebble.  Upon re-enabling my WiFi service (and wifi calling) I still had zero cellular bars.  So I decided to go to the city to get some shopping done.  There are Sprint towers beginning about 10 miles away that I always get service on.  But I noticed when driving, I still had zero cellular bars on the normal LTE network.  It wasn't until I got to a business, disabled/reneabled wifi calling again AND rebooting my phone that I could make normal cellular calls once more.


Lastly, I've noticed this same behavior at friends on WiFi calling.  If I disable/renable wifi calling, sometimes even in an area with LTE, I have no cell bars.

My main issue is this Casa Pebble.  I've contacted Sprint phone and chat support several times, of course they have me go through updating PRL, Profile, checking for latest updates, enabling, disabling CDMA, LTE, etc.  Nothing has worked.  So finally, I connected my Airave back up, though my phone doesn't work on it at the moment, my wife's iphone 6 and my mom's iphone 8 work (3 dings before placing a call to confirm).


I'm ready to ship this Casa Pebble back and halfway tempted to leave Sprint.  I hope this isn't a merger issue and a sign of what is to come as Sprint is the only service provider in this area for both where I live and work.


Any insight?  Please help!




I have an old Airrave but I was having issus with multi threaded text messaging with my new iPhone SE 2.  Regular Sprint support said I had to have to phone set to 3G only under "Cellular Data Options" for it to work with the Airrave.  I contacted Airrave support to confirm this and they sent me a Pebble but I understand that it does not support voice calling like the Arirave did.  Is that correct?  Is there an alternative that works like the old Arirave that will give me LTE?  Thank you-- Steve


In this case, I'll need to check out your account for any available options. Sending you a private message now. 


there is a current known issue with a number of Samsung devices..said issue might be the cause of your current issue as well.


I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************

Spent two hours yesterday and an hour with Sprint trying to get the Case Pebble to work.  Tried both WiFi and ethernet.  Got solid green light on Pebble indicating it is working as it shoud.  Could not call out or in.  They had me to multiple resets on Pebble and reboots on iphone.  Finally said they are shipping me a "Voice Pro" which will give me LTE and CDMA (voice) calling.  Go figure!!!!!   


To shed some light on a couple of things.  Two very important items.  1) If you are pushed to TMo, Airaves/Pebble will not work because they do not broadcast TMo bands.  I don't think that is the case for you @commssp because I got your phone number from a PM and I don't see the TMo push, but you are 2 software versions behind. 2) Wifi Calling and VoLTE calls are done through the IMS Core.  That doesn't mean much to anyone except us nerds, BUT it takes 3 weeks for the Casa Pebble to register on the core.  Without that registration, WFC and VoLTE cannot happen.  So, every time you turn off or reset the Pebble, that 3 week clock starts over. 


So, if I am hearing you correctly my phone won't work with the pebble for 3 weeks.  Is that correct?  If so, I was working with the group that supports them and they did not know this.


So,  can I leave my old Airrave on while the pebble is registering so I can make/recevie calls?  Or, will it interfere with the Pebble?


Just to clear this up  Casa Pebble must be connected through a local internet service connection and remain ON continuously for 3 Weeks to be supported in the available. It is critical for VoLTE support for the CASA Pebble to remain ON and Connected or it will start the VoLTE  process all over again.  Really hope this information clears thing up. 


@Sprint_Ayana  Thank you for following up.  I was connected to the tech support team, and went through several diagnostic steps with them.  They indicated they were collecting data from my phone and Casa Pebble to review.  However that has been nearly two weeks ago and I have not heard back from tech support.

Per the discussion in this thread about leaving the Casa Pebble turns on continiously, mine (as far as I know) has been turned on going on 5 weeks now.  That is unless the power has flickered causing the Pebble to briefly disconnect.  If that is the case, and the Pebble loses VoLTE every time a brief power glitch happens and I have to wait another 3 weeks for it to re-activate, that definitely is not worth it for me.  I would rather send the Pebble back and use WiFi calling or another device that allows native voice calling.



I totally understand your frustration with this issue. Just to confirm, have you visited a repair store to have one of our technicians check out the pebble device to see what's going on? 


@Sprint_Zalika  I have not visited a Sprint repair store either due to the fact that my job is over an hour away from the nearest Sprint store, although I'm not sure how far away I am from the nearest repair store.  Due to the distance, I'm unable to do this during the work days.  Also, some Sprint stores have been closed/appointment only and that has prohibited me from visiting those stores.


Were you able to get back in contact with our Tech Support Team? After last speaking to them was any troubleshooting or alternative options provided for the time being?


@Sprint_Shenelle I was not able to get back in contact with the tech support team.  Prior to my posting on these forums several weeks ago, I did reach out to tech support twice before regarding the Casa Pebble not having voice/VoLTE working on the unit.  During the last time I spoke with tech support, they had me do basic troubleshooting of disable/enable wifi calling, VoLTE calling, change to CDMA only, turn off CDMA, etc.  None of this has provided any sort of alternative work around.

As I have learned on these forums, it appears the pebble requires to be online for 3 weeks before VoLTE works (mine has been online since July - no VoLTE), but that if the power is disconnected, the VoLTE service is unavailable for another 3 weeks.

This is unacceptable for my situation of living in the rural mountains of WV where the nearest cell tower is over 10 miles away and we experience regular power glitches.  I need to have reliable voice calling from home for my business and work.  Currently the way things are, the Casa Pebble is useless to me in this condition and I still have my failing Airave 2.5 connected to make voice calls on.  

At this point I would rather return the Casa Pebble and either get a replacement Airave 2.5 or whichever product offers native 3G/4G voice calling as a femtocell.


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