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Port phone and number from Tello to Sprint


Port phone and number from Tello to Sprint

Hello. I have a question about porting my grandmother's phone number and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge from Tello (a Sprint MVNO) to my family's Sprint Military plan. Whenever I go onto the BYOD checker on Sprint's site, it says the phone is already activated on Sprint service (which is understandable why it thinks that). However, this means we won't be able to add it to our plan and port the number online, since it thinks it's already activated. Is there anything we should do to get it to work? Will customer service be able to override it and make it activate, or do we have to port the number out to another network first in order for the phone to become available? We would appreciate any info we can get. Thank you


Re: Port phone and number from Tello to Sprint

Hmm that is frustrating. Sounds like it is getting confused. I would reach out to our sales team, and they should be able to fix this for you.

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