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Replacement S10+ issue


Replacement S10+ issue

OK, looking for some help or advice here. I am one of the people that had my original pre-order Galaxy S10+ replaced through Asurion because of the network issues. The process was an absolute nightmare and not one I am at all willing to go through again.


Now the replacement they sent me is having some issues.  It worked fine for several days, I was actually getting great reception all around and was happy with the phone, then the troubles started. 


First it started lagging horribly to the point of freezing up requiring a force restart. This would happen every hour or so.  After all the usual troubleshooting steps failed I finally ended up just resorting to a factory reset.  It doesn't lag or freeze as often now though it still occasionally does, twice in the past 2 days so far.  I see zero point in another factory reset since that obviously didn't 100% fix the issue when I already tried that.


Now it seems to be randomly restarting, several times when I have unlocked the phone I get the screen telling me to enter my PIN after restart even though I didn't initiate a restart.


The latest problems are call related. The phone has dropped calls twice today already and when I am on a call using my bluetooth headset even though the bluetooth is connected the call randomly transfers back to the phone. This just happened again while on a business call and the other party hung up because they assumed we were disconnected when they could no longer hear me. 


I am not at all happy with this replacement phone but I am also absolutely not filing another claim through Asurion after that nightmare process I went through with them already.  Don't bother referring me to a Sprint corporate store, there isn't one anywhere near me.  At this point I'd be willing to drive more than 50 miles to get to a corporate store but I don't think there is one in the entire state and travelling hundreds of miles to get to one obviously isn't an option. The only Sprint store in my area is a retail one. Do I have any option that would allow me to return this dud of a phone and get another one that actually works at the retail store ??




Re: Replacement S10+ issue

Hi Kab! Can you send us a Private Message? We can look into having a replacement sent to you without having to drive to a store that far away. 

Tacos and Hot Dogs are Sandwiches. We're likely not going to agree on this, but trust I'll work hard to get you an acceptable solution to your issue.

Re: Replacement S10+ issue

PM sent, thank you!

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