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Re: RilNotifier

Pointing to whatever apparently to no avail. Since that solution post, nothing's been done to solve the problem given the subsequent posts complaining of the same problem.


This issue is not merely a nuisance notification problem. Streaming music is an impossible endeavor when driving. Sprint, please fix ASAP. Please understand how miserable of a user experience this problem presents. 


Re: RilNotifier

yes, has this been fixed

Re: RilNotifier

I am having this issue, have you found a fix yet

Mobile data connection error

I am constantly getting an error "Mobile data connection error" even when connected by WiFi.   The detailed information is "Unable to establish a wireless connection  LET: ESM -31  EMM- x".


Can somebody help me solve this problem?

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Re: Mobile data connection error



Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We'd like to confirm, how long has this been going on? What's the make or model of your phone? Have you recently updated your device software?


I'll be awaiting on your response.


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Re: RilNotifier

Folks, we've created a new thread for this issue where folks can read about what's needed for investigation.  That thread can be found here: Mobile data/RIL Notifier errors? Read this first!  We are going to close this thread as it's been pointed out that the Accepted Solution mark is confusing.  


If you've already provided the requested info to agents, we appreciate you.  It's not necessary to send it again.  Hang tight.  We will definitely share any new information we get as soon as it's available. 


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I encourage you to post your questions on the community, give Kudos when earned and always mark the correct answer as "Accepted Solution".

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