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Rumors: 2018 Upcoming Note 9

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Rumors: 2018 Upcoming Note 9

medium.jpgDon't tell anyone, but...

What's up Community!  @Em_Will_I_Am here to spread more gossip!  After I wrote Rumors: 2018 Upcoming iPhones post last week, I got a lot of PMs asking about Samsung/Android rumors.  So I thought I would deliver.  Once again, here is the disclaimer.  The following are rumors and are not be taken as fact.  There is a chance this may be true or just BS.  So do not take any of the following to heart. 


I must admit, it was easier to come across iPhone information than the Note 9. Which is odd because usually, we see Samsung "accidentally" leak their own info while Apple tends to be very tight-lipped.  So let's start with what we know.  


I think it is safe to say we should expect a better screen, better camera, and better battery life.  These expectations are closer to reality than rumor.  Samsung is on record saying the Note 9 would have an improved S-Pen.  Not a rumor, it's on their site.  Samsung has also said in various interviews they look to improve Bixby.  The hope is to get it integrated with other devices such as smart speakers, TVs, and appliances (all of which Samsung makes) and to give it a more human voice compared to the stiff robotic voice Bixby currently has.  Good for them because Alexa and Google Assistant have a huuuuuge headstart.

S9Render.jpgConcept by



ON TO THE RUMORS!!  This one took me by surprise.  Word on the streets is an announcement is to be next month.  Yes, as in June next month!  The plan is to announce in June and release the device in July.  The fear is Apple will release several big screen iPhones, some with price cuts.  So, Sammy wants to drop their device earlier and knock the winds out of Apple's "sales" (see what I did there).


We are also hearing there may be 2 variations of the Note 9.  This is being fueled by the 2 model numbers being floated around the internet, 'SM-N9600' and 'SM-N9608'.  I don't buy into this rumor because we often see Samsung release the same device with a different model number for different parts of the world.  To validate my theory, rumor is one will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, while the other a Samsung Exynos 9810.  Qualcomm is usually released in North America while the Exynos in China and/or Europe.

S9concept.jpgConcept by TechConfigurations



I hear a lot of back and forth on this one.  One of the earliest rumors was the Note 9 would have an invisible fingerprint scanner underneath the display.  However, Korean news agencies report that no such feature will be on the devices.  I believe this has always been the intent, but execution may be a bigger problem than what was expected.


Various sites are reporting the Note 9 will have the BIG DOG DADDY of batteries.  I know, we all flinch when we here Note and batteries (looking at you Note 7), but that was so 2016!  Word is the Note 9 will sport a huge 3850mAh battery.  For comparison, the current Note 8 only has a 3300 mAh battery.  That's a 20% increase!!


Finally, we hear Sammy my change the overlay on the device, called Crown UX.  I am not a fan of overlays because it's bloatware over bloatware, but I get it.  You have to differentiate yourself from other devices which run Android.  Not much is known about Crown UX, only that it is different from the S9 Experience UX overlay.  Could be a major overhaul or could be tweaked to compliment the features that are esoteric to the Note.  Who knows?


To sum up the rumors:

  • Possible 2 variations of the device
  • Model numbers SM-N9600 and SM-N9608
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 or Samsung Exynos 9810 processors
  • Integrated fingerprint scanner in the display
  • 3850 mAh battery
  • Announced in June and released in July
  • To combat iPhone bigger screen and price cuts
  • Improve S-Pen
  • Improved camera
  • A new version of Bixby
  • Crown UX skin overlay

There you have it, folks.  What are your thoughts? Your comments are welcomed below. 


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Re: Rumors: 2018 Upcoming Note 9

i love the ongoing jab battle between Apple and Samsung lol. always makes things interesting

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Re: Rumors: 2018 Upcoming Note 9

Yeah, it is a strange relationship.

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