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S10+ VoLTE not working


S10+ VoLTE not working

Whenever I enable VoLTE, I can't make any calls. I try to dial out, and the phone just sits there trying to connect. But then when I ask the other party if their phone on their side rang, they said it did, but they couldnt hear me. Well they couldnt hear me because my phone never said it was connected to the call!


What is going on with VoLTE? 


Also with the S10+, I've had numerous phone calls drop, even with VoLTE disabled, and sometimes I cant even get a data connection even though it shows 5 bars signal strength in my home! My S8+ phone had no problems with calls nor data in my house. Either a tower is having an issue near me or something is wrong with this phone!


There is one road I drive to work on, where there is a tower nearby 100ft from the road. When I pass this tower, and I'm on a call, the call always drops, or I get a weird delay. I'm starting to wonder if someone is using a cell phone scanner and rogue tower in my area. Sprint needs to seriously check their towers in my area.

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Re: S10+ VoLTE not working

Have you updated the data profile on your phone? 


Where the tower is concerned, are you moving right next to it or under it? The coverage runs off of the tower, like rain runs off of an umbrella. If you're under the umbrella, you might not get signal. 





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Re: S10+ VoLTE not working

Yes I've updated the profile, PRL, etc several times. No change. The tower I see is right next to a busy road that I drive past. But even in a parking lot on the other side of the street, or several hundred feet away, the signal is poor. I don't understand why Sprint has such slow data speeds in Round Rock,TX in a lot of areas. I'm talking about very slow, in "kb" per second.


I'm not sure though if that tower off of A.W. Grimes Blvd in Round Rock, is Sprint or another provider though. I just want fast data connections in 2019. No wonder why Sprint offers "unlimited" data, because the speed is so slow, that no one will ever use much data. With a large company like Dell in this area, you would think that cell phone service would be a priority and that there would be sufficient download speeds for everyone.


Just yesterday I was trying to download some applications from Google Play. They sat their "pending" for a very long time which was highly unusual. Then one started downloading, which was only a 20MB file, and it said it was going to take 20min+ to download, which it did. That is outrageously slow. That file should've taken only a few seconds.


I've checked the coverage map in my area near Dell, and it is fully saturated with 4G LTE coverage. 


I put an app on my phone to see what Bands are being used. It prefers always Band 25 with signal level around LTE -102.0 dBm.  My phone is always on Band 25. Why does it never use Band 41 which would increase download speed?


This is going to be my last year with Sprint if this doesn't improve before my contract ends. I'll be switching to another carrier that has faster and more reliable download speeds. Downloads in "kb/sec" is so slow and something I'd only expect in the 1990's, not 2019.


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Re: S10+ VoLTE not working

I hear ya Warped_Trekker. I live in a dead zone, no matter the carrier there is no getting signal. So I get it. I checked the Round Rock,TX area. From what I'm seeing the towers seem to be up and running correctly, and the coverage should be good. I'd like to take a deeper look into this for you. I sent you a PM so I can gather a smidge more info. 


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Re: S10+ VoLTE not working

The issue continues to occur. I can't use VoLTE ANYWHERE in the Austin area, without phone calls being dropped randomly, or the person on the other side can't hear me. I have updated my phone , reset it to defaults, etc. Nothing helps.


What do I need to do to get this fixed?



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Re: S10+ VoLTE not working

VoLTE is in a beta phase right now. If you keep having issues I would stop using it for a bit. It's being constantly updated to work out some of the kinks in it. Are you still having straight up issues with your s10+?

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