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S6 edge unlock help


S6 edge unlock help

I tried getting my s6 unlocked two years ago and kept getting the run around. I was on the phone with sprint in a tmobile store with and let then sort it out; sprint basically kept saying it was unlocked and it clearly wasn't and at the end still didn't get anywhere.


Well now the replacement phone i had been using broke so I'd like try getting this thing unlocked again.


Any help would be appreciated, I've seen several posts here where people seem to get it solved so Im really hoping I can too, thanks!

Sprint Social Care

Re: S6 edge unlock help

Hi! We can certainly help with that. What's the IMEI/MEID? Are you a current or former Sprint customer, that's attached to the account for this device? To provide an unlock, we must gain access to the account for verification of some details like; the length of activity, account status and financial obligation. Review our Unlocking Policy at this link; .

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