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S7 Handsfree activation fail and hotspot missing


S7 Handsfree activation fail and hotspot missing

I have an unlocked S7 that I bought from a local store. The first time when I started the phone it showed a sprint logo, then the phone downloaded updates. After the update the Sprint logo stopped showing.

Problem is (I am located in Pakistan and using Telenor network, 3G sim) on restarting the phone goes into handsfree activation mode but tries 5 times and fails.

While loooking up a solution noticed my tethering and hotspot was also missing like many users pointed out. What can be a solution?Screenshot_20181107-124752_Settings.jpg

Please reply what I can do to get the handsfree activation completed and activate the hotspot. 

I dont know what will happen to my phone if I do the ##brand# thing so I tapped "no" when prompted.


Re: S7 Handsfree activation fail and hotspot missing

When you do the ##brand#, you are resetting the network. This won't make you lose any of your information, so you'll need to do that and tap yes. After that processes everything should go back to normal.



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