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S8 Pre Order and the Gear VR

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S8 Pre Order and the Gear VR



I seem to be unclear on how this whole Gear VR preorder works, How do I claim it for my Wifes S8 and My S8 order? Is Sprint shipping them or is Samsung? Do I need to register via Samsung to claim it? If so, what do they need from us?

Thanks for any help on this.


First did you register your S8 on Samsung Site?? If Not you need to do that first really everyone should which means you will need a Samsung Acccount which will be created when you register. Second thing Everyone that Pre-Order the S8 from Sprint should have had a Packing Slip In the box which is all you will need. If you do not have Sprint email it to you if you do then go to the promotion site log in or it should automatically detect your account since the device was register becuase when you register it will ask you when you purchased it which will be a Pre-Order date. It should then ask for the IMIE then the Mac of the Wifi then will ask to upload a copy of the oreder form that came with the S8 in the box that everyone received when they ship the phone. After you upload that it should take it and then you should receive a email from Samsung that you will receive your promotion.If your threw it away or lost it then everyone then should refer to your order number Sprint gave to you when you placed the Pre-Order to begin with. Sprint Emails that to everyone once they do a Pre-Order so if you don't have the Order Sheet that came in the box give Sprint your order number they should be able to pull  your Pre-Order up that way. 🙂  There No reason to even call Samsung about this as long as you have the information there should Not be any issues 🙂 

Samsung is starting to send out the promo iteams just got tracking info on mine so folks should start seeing theirs as well 🙂


i purchased the s8 buy one get one free can i still getthe vr with the purchase

jeffleft148, congratulations on your new devices!  If you pre-ordered the devices between 3/30 – 4/20, you can register online between April 10, 2017 at 10:00 AM Eastern Time ("ET) and May 14, 2017 at 11:59:59 PM ET @ https://promos.samsung.com/infinitelyimmersive to get the Free Samsung VR Headset Promotion.


If you have any other question, please let us know, have a great day!

Sprint Social Care Team.


This sucks. When ordering they said I would get an email with instructions. That was a lie intended to delay buyers past the request date. To find the truth you have to go searching online for a solution, But even that's a lie. The instructions and links provided just take you to pages where you can order the phone. I just spent $750 + on your phone and this is how you treat me just to collect a free giveaway???? You just changed a customer into a continuous online advertisement for why not to shop sprnt. Hope the money you got from me was worth all the potential customers i convince to go with T-Mobile. (my co-worker with T-mobile got their vr gear within a couple days - no hassle required.)

Sprint Employee

Hello SFpurciknt.

Under no circumstances do we want our customers feeling like that. Here at Sprint we value our customers and their expectation. We will never sacrifice our core values and not stand behind our products or promotions. We rely on earning the trust of our customers and one another each and every day. We would never put that in jeopardy.

Did you visit https://promos.samsung.com/infinitelyimmersive  to register?  Did you purchase the device at a Sprint store or Online?

Sprint Social Care

I have been trying to find any evidence of this myself and so far have been unsuccessful. T-Mobile customers have been given an extended deadline for the free VR, but it looks like it may just be for that specific carrier. Which is confusing – why extend the offer for one carrier and not the others? In any event, the Samsung website says they are sold out of the VRs, so it's unclear whether they plan to honor any more redemtion attempts (if/when they get more of them in stock).

flyingblind81, this promotion is while supplies last. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact Samsung at 1-800-Samsung

Sprint Social Care Team.

Hello I have not had a good experience with the entire S8 plus purchase. First the phone was pre ordered before 4/20 but did not come until the following week as the corporate sprint store did not have the phones.. What a lousy execution when Best Buy has the phones on launch day..  Next I did noy get any instruction on the pre order special for the vr d memory card and things and understand that is expired now.  And finally days after I got the S8+ I had to return it for another one due to a bright green line down the middle of the screen...  All in all this has been the worst experience with a new phone out of my 20+ phones so far.  What can be done re the pre order vr items and what can be done about this entire fiasco with this phone thus far   Apple even on their lowest day never had all of these things go wrong on a top sheet new phone launch.  

Mrdiesel105, we're sorry for the inconveniences you went through with the S8. The VR promotion is directly from Samsung and it is while supplies last. Have you attempted to contact Samsung? If no, you can contact them at 1-800-samsung(7267864). About the phone return, did you complete the process? Please send us a Private Message with more details. Just click on my name and select " send a message ".


Sprint Social Care

I believe the promotion for the VR is based on purchase date.
That said, you can no longer register for the VR since that is no longer available but you can get the entertainment kit.
As previously said, Samsung is the one that has/had the promo and I'm sure you have seen it on the commercials, before and after the launch of the S8.
As suggested, try calling Samsung and see if they can let you apply of the VR promotion.


By the way, I think Tomorrow is the last day for the entertainment kit promo.

I come here trying to help people and I'm NOT employed by Sprint, so If my reply helped you or if you get an answer to your question from other users, PLEASE mark it as solved.
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