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S8 not unlocked internationally


S8 not unlocked internationally

I got Samsung S8 in Nov 2017 which got some issue so got new Samsun S8 in Feb 2018 from Samsung locked to sprint..  I talked to sprint 5 times in last 10 days but device is still locked . I am not in USA and unable to contact to sprint .sprint is continuously saying its unlocked but phone is saying contact service provided.even after paying full amount to sprint and being valuable customer for 24 months I am unable to use my device and I am stuck. Sprint please help. 


Re: S8 not unlocked internationally

Hey Vikas! I can help out with this.  For the unlock with you out of the country, Android phones need to have the Sprint SIM card inserted and be connected to WiFi.  After the signal is sent, you'll need to enter a sequence on the phone dialer to complete the unlock on the device. 


If you could please send me a Private Message with the MEID of that Galaxy S8, I can have our tech team resend the signal again. Once it's been sent, I'll reply with the sequence you'll need to enter. 

Tacos and Hot Dogs are Sandwiches. We're likely not going to agree on this, but trust I'll work hard to get you an acceptable solution to your issue.

Re: S8 not unlocked internationally

Thank you sir for quick response. I have sent you private message .please send me the signal and let me know sequence to enter. just wanted to let you know that before I left USA I inactivated my sprint service .

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