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S9+ Network issues after July update


S9+ Network issues after July update

I installed the July update 4 days ago and immediately had network problems. 4g drops to 3g, signal drops completely (can't establish internet) sometimes no issues for hours, sometimes hours go by with unusable service. 


I have tried:

-Remove/reinstall SIM

-Update PRL and Profile (sometimes works, sometimes not)

-Removed all apps with battery or performance modification functions

-Power Mode set to max performance.


The only thing that fixes the problem. Is running in SAFE mode. Normally that would point to a 3rd party app issue, but I haven't downloaded any apps since June. Makes me think there is a Sprint-specific background process that is causing the issue.


Anyone have an idea? I use this as my internet source and I work remotely, on call. Obviously I need a fix asap 🙏

Sprint Social Care

Hi! This must be frustrating. Does this happen in one specific area or multiple locations? I'd also like you to verify if VoLTE is turned on by going to Settings > Connectivity > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > VoLTE. Let's check this out. 


So far it seems to happen at my house only. I havent been out much though. VoLTE is turned on, though it never worked before the update, and now it does (when I have 4g)


I understand. Send me your nearest cross streets and ZIP code in a private message. 

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