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S9 signal issues after last 2 updates.


S9 signal issues after last 2 updates.

After the last 2 updates my s9 has been very unreliable. I have updated the prl and profile and nothing seems to help.  I am missing calls and receiving texts late or cant send any at all. Now constantly I just get no service message. I use my phone for work and this has become an issue. 


WiFi calling is pretty useless for me. I have to move between building and it’s hit or miss as to if it comes back on or not when it switches WiFi points. Or it can’t get a gps signal and I have to walk outside and that takes a while to work too.


Only things I’ve notice is when I click the update profile on my s9 it takes a long time to do it. On my s8 it was pretty fast.


At this point the decrease of service is affecting my job and I will have to switch unless something can be figured out. 


Re: S9 signal issues after last 2 updates.

Wow, that stinks. Lets work together to get this fixed!


Please answer the following questions:


**How long has this been going on?

**Does this happen everywhere?

**Have you done any other troubleshooting on the device minus the update profile and the PRL?


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