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Samsung Galaxy S10+ Smart Call Feature Availability


Samsung Galaxy S10+ Smart Call Feature Availability

I've had my Galaxy S10+ for about half a month now and I'm mostly pleased.  However, I've noticed a feature that is lacking from my previous device (the Essential PH-1).  A built-in anti-robocall feature.  So, first I tried to install the Google Phone dialer which is listed as being incompatible with the S10+ on the Play Store.  So, next I decided to go looking online and I discovered this page and I got rather happy because my $1000 phone did have a built-in anti-robocall feature.


However, my phone doesn't have the feature available.  I'm including a picture of my phone settings screen Smart Call (called Caller ID and spam protection in the settings) is supposed to be just below Block numbers.  The only similarly functioning application I see on that came with this phone is Sprint's Premium Caller ID application and that costs $2.99 per month which, honestly, isn't a reasonable replacement for an application that was included with a device this expensive.ecaPnwR


Re: Samsung Galaxy S10+ Smart Call Feature Availability

There are some third party apps that are available that can help with this. 

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S10+ Smart Call Feature Availability

Sadly Sprint (as do VZW and ATT) disable this feature in order to sell the competing product they have.

It's controlled by a function of the phone managed by the CSC.


I agree with your statement though. I will say that the Sprint offered one is "slightly" better than the default free one in that it actually provides the CNAM (the name of the caller) with the call itself via "proper" methods where the free one you'd get say on an Unlocked S10 requires data to do a lookup while the call is coming in which can sometimes fail or be delayed. More so if you're not VoLTE since no data during calls.


That said if I recall correct TMB doesn't restrict it out BUT also includes the premium one they have free with the upper plans..


End of the day it's just another revenue stream. If you want it you'd need to switch to an unlocked device not Sprint branded as those FW do not use the same CSC and thus restrict it out.


I would LOVE to see Sprint include this with Premium plans though. I think it would make them a higher selling point. Right now the number of subscribers using premium caller ID is very small...



OR you can do as the last reply suggested and install/use another third-party app. Be careful with those as sometimes doing so you agree to allow them to scan your contacts to use to enhance the DB they have... I personally don't like installing third-party apps to do something that was native but what can we do 😕

Re: Samsung Galaxy S10+ Smart Call Feature Availability

Thanks BryanX for your helpful response! I'll pass your feedback along about offering this feature in some of our plans. 

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