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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SIM Unlock work only for 48 hours


Re: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SIM Unlock work only for 48 hours


I can't speak for any other carrier.

If Phone is unlocked for international and domestic , should matter ?

Once the phone unlock not should be restriction on Phone  either using domestic or Internationally.


Do you go out of the country a lot or do you just like interchanging SIM cards for different carriers while inside the U.S.?

I don't go a lot to other country but I have experience with sprint last year for SG Note 3 which was told that it was unlock and it ruined my vacation .


For these phone I am interchanging SIM card to confirm that my phone are locked as requested to unlock Domestic & International. I had already experience with SGNote 3 ( only eligible for international unlock sim ) which was bad experience and now making sure the phone SGS7Edge ( eligible for Domestic as well as International unlock sim )   work as there is no excuse from sprint customer care that my phone  Note 3  has no domestic SIM lock option due to this reason my Note 3 didn't work.

Hope fully you understand how I am frustrated and where I am coming from .....

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