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Samsung Galaxy S8 Enhanced Messaging

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Enhanced Messaging

Did Sprint remove the enhanced messaging feature on the Samsung Galaxy S8?

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Some of us can't even get it activated, were missing a code and we cannot see anything to do with group chat.


Some can see it activated but cannot test because they see no one on the list to chat with.


Lets hope they get this worked out. A few of us relied on this because our service is sketchy or we work on wifi all day and data is scarcely available.


Maybe @ali77935 and @REANNALYNNE can swap phone numbers via private messages and test it and let us know. 

What I can't understand is why Sprint can't share a number so we can test it even if it was automated?


Congratz to you for getting one to work....




Thanks. It's weird that you have to start a group chat to use it and not just turn the feature on and use it like u did with the s7edge and s6 plus. I will keep checking it. I can't use it with anyone I want to talk to and it is very slow


Awesome. Starting to see more people with problems. Hope we get a solution soon!

I think I altered and realtered every setting possible. It's still not working.  Guess it's just time to wait.


@Trevis42 is having the same issue as us @mersh5 in the other thread.


I am also experiencing issues with Advanced Messaging (RCS). I received the code initially and it auto-populated. However I keep getting the pop-up to register for RCS every time I open the Samsung Messages app and I do not receive any sort of text message. Also, I installed Google Messages to test if the Advanced Message feature worked. It doesn't. The app just sits there with the spinning circle trying to provision itself. Shortcode messaging is not blocked considering i received the initial messages. I have confirmed I have the option "Rich Communication Service" in the Samsung Messages app. Complete with Alias, Reading Confirmation, etc. The one thing I do not see is the typing indicator option.

Also, if I toggle the "RCS" option off, relaunch Samsung Messages, Tap on the "activate" message, the "RCS" option toggles back on...but I still get the messages to activate RCS thereafter.

So, is this a Samsung issue since RCS is hosted on their cloud and being as how we registered our numbers already, they no longer send a confirmation code.

Since Advanced Messaging mode is not working with Google Messages either, have Google and Samsung not integrated their RCS platforms with one another?

I am glad I found this thread as I can see I am not the only one frustrated by this.

@HostageXII that is exactly what my phone does with Android messages, just spins forever and never activates.

Hmmm and Sprint thought this issue was only happening to one or two of us and yet I inquired about this MONTHS ago.

My wife's s8+ has had Enhanced messaging enabled on Android Messages since it was released preorder.

Welcome Everyone, my little row boat only started with two of us and now is filling up quickly.



Oh and by the way, there are others having this issue..... look under reviews - Samsung Messages in the Samsung app store.

Xda has a few threads also.

Fail update...


Why is this marked as "Solved" Do we need to start a new thread?


I'm having similar problems as others. I downloaded the update it asked me to register for enhanced messaging.  I received two text messages with codes for the verification at the same time initially.  I tried both codes and got a registration failed error for both.  Now every time I opening messaging I get the prompt to register for enhanced message but I never receive a text message with a code.


I've tried all the usual restart, profile update, etc tricks.  What's the solution from Sprint?   I've read back but unless I missed it has anyone with issue been able to resolve it?


@EricFLL Asked that question myself quite a while ago. This is not solved and should not be marked as Solved.

It might not be a bad idea to start a new thread but this thread does have some useful information.

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The original question was "has Enhanced Messaging been enabled for S8?"

The answer to that is yes.  Therefore, the Accepted mark will remain.


Now there are issues with the implementation of those features.  Not the same situation.


So, to prevent confusion, I'm going to lock this thread and start a fresh one.   I will post what I know so far in that space and you are more than welcome to share your thoughts in case there have been things missed.


Please understand that device troubleshooting is an ever evolving situation.  What can start out looking like just one person may grow to lots of people but it also may not.  It's a positive thing that the discussions continued to happen because that enabled me to go back and push to say that it isn't just isolated, which in turn drove conversation back to Samsung and Google.


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