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Samsung Galaxy S8+ Location Timeout


Re: Samsung Galaxy S8+ Location Timeout

This is one of the reasons I left Sprint.  Was a Sprint customer for 25 years (1994).   Moved to T-Mobile and this doesn't happen, their prices (with my Military discount) is comparable to Sprint, and looking forward to within the next year T-Mobile will have their 600 MHz deployed nation wide.  My wife now has better service in her building where Sprint was marginal.  

Not that I am bashing Sprint, but even Sprint will agree that they couldn't turn their network around and hasn't been investing in it as they should have been to make it better - and that the only way they can get customers is to give 1/2 their lines away for free which means they are not raising the capitol to bring their network quality up.  



Re: Samsung Galaxy S8+ Location Timeout

I hear ya. This was an update that was pushed via Samsung. This is the new way this feature is meant to work. At this time there has been no talk of reversing the way this feature now tags 911. 


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Re: Samsung Galaxy S8+ Location Timeout


So you do not have any method to resolve our issue and keep our business as loyal Sprint customers?

Do you have no way to assist us in rolling back to a previous update so that our handsets are functional?

If the answer is no to both of these questions I (and others with this issue) will have no choice but to leave Sprint for someone who CAN resolve the issues!

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S8+ Location Timeout

Folks, I am going to lock this thread.  The questions here have been asked and answered to the best of our ability and the discussion is no longer productive.


If we have new information to share about updates, we will do so at the top of this forum, so please stay tuned.


If you have a new issue to inquire about, you may start a new thread. New threads created about this same issue will be merged into this one. 


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