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Samsung S10+ and Sprint


Samsung S10+ and Sprint

Defective phone... Bad phone...confirmed by 3 technicians.

12 hrs 43 mins in less than one week on the phone with Sprint. Resets, profile updates, network check, in store technicians and tech support... ISSUE NOT RESOLVED 


5 CSRs promised to upgrade me to another phone. One conversation, 41 mins, was recorded. The recorded call still didn't help. 

2 Supervisors referred me to the store.

8 CSRs said there was nothing they could do.

2 hung up on me after hearing my issues

1 kept me on hold for 1 hr and the phone hung up. 

3 spoke against Sprint


4 hrs 18 mins in 2 different Sprint stores and 1 hr 33 mins in Best Buy (Sprint). Reset, profile updates, etc. ... ISSUE NOT RESOLVED. 


What can I do next? I don't want to switch carriers until I get this resolved on the Sprint end. 




Re: Samsung S10+ and Sprint

If your phone still isn't working, you can exchange your phone at a Sprint store. Do you have Sprint Complete on your phone?

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