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Samsung S9 Notifications Not Working

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Samsung S9 Notifications Not Working

Just upgraded from an S7 to an S9, and all is working better, except for notifications. I get them for GMail, but that's really it, even after I tried making sure notifications for texts, YouTube, games, etc. were working. I get a vibration for text alerts, but no notification pop up, sound or badge. I've tried rebooting and resetting the settings, everything short of a hard restart. Any ideas?

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Re: Samsung S9 Notifications Not Working

Hi Chillediplier. Please follow these steps:


1. Tap the Menu icon.

2. Tap Settings.

3. Tap Notifications.

4. Tap the Messages switch to turn On if off (You may have it on already).

5. Tap App icon badges to turn on or off.

6. From the Categories section, select any of the following: Emergency Alerts, general notifications or new messages.

Once you are there you'll see the following options:


Tap to turn on or off
-App icon badges:
Tap to turn on or off.
-On lock screen:
Tap then select the desired option.
-Do not disturb custom exception:
Tap to turn on or off.




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Re: Samsung S9 Notifications Not Working

Hi, I will also add to what Sprint CARE stated, that each app has its own settings. So you may also want to check the app specific settings.


For example, go into your Messages app > tap the 3 dots in the upper right > tap Settings  > Notifications.


Hope this helps if you were still having issues.


~Ninja CJ


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Re: Samsung S9 Notifications Not Working

I had this problem, tried every solution mentioned here and elsewhere and ultimately discovered that an unrelated app was causing my notification reminders to not work.Upon uninstalling the offending app, my notification reminders started working fine.


However I needed that app for work, so I tried re-installing it but blocked it from using notifications through the phone's settings. I'm happy to report that my notifications are still working fine and I can now also use the offending app.


It was a lucky guess as to which app was causing the problem. I just remembered seeing the app was updated and happened to remember that was around when the notification issues started.


Re: Samsung S9 Notifications Not Working

I can't delete my last reply but I will add that the problem returned shortly after I thought it was solved.

Re: Samsung S9 Notifications Not Working

I've finally found the solution. The data saver feature prevents my email apps from checking for notifications.

Settings > Connections > Data usage > Data saver > Allow app while data saver on


Re: Samsung S9 Notifications Not Working

correct. it shuts down a lot of the things that happen in the should however be able to switch around certain apps in there to allow them to work even with power saver mode on.

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