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Samsung Tab A 10.1 – Making exercise enjoyable

Sprint Product Ambassador

Samsung Tab A 10.1 – Making exercise enjoyable



Trying to be more active is always difficult. My favorite thing to relax in my chair and watch TV. Since football season is over and I’m looking for my other sports fix. Since March madness is ramping up and the NBA is racing towards the playoff I figured I would try to watch this programming while on a treadmill. Pairing my tablet with my heart rate monitor being able to see my heart rate and watch a basketball game was incredible to see.


Another benefit to trying and be more active while watching sports games they are so long and I don’t stare at the timer anymore. I set a nice pace and enjoy the game, unless my team is losing. While taking the tablet to the gym a few times I have several people come up to me asking about the tablet. They were jealous of the fact my gym has no Wi-Fi for some odd reason and I was watching these games over the LTE connection on the tablet. The building has poor coverage for all the other carriers, but Sprint really shines. One man told me he couldn’t even stream music without it buffering every few seconds. I offered him my phone hot spot so he could listen to his music. He appreciated it very much and advised “I’ll be going to a Sprint store soon to, this tablet made quite a few impressions for Samsung and Sprint. Samsung making an affordable tablet that has great performance and Sprints fantastic LTE coverage.


When I plan of riding the stationary bike I always take the tablet. With my hands being free I can respond to some emails and be as productive as I want. Sure, I could do it on my phone but having this tablet with a full keyboard and a ton of screen space makes it all worth it. The performance of this tablet is fantastic and the battery life continues to impress me. I can go a week with heavy usage until I need a charge. The build quality really withstands me throwing it in my gym bag and it being tossed around elsewhere. Samsung, I believe has really hit the sweet spot on price for performance.

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