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Software Update: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (N950U) 5/24/2018

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Re: Software Update: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (N950U) 5/24/2018

Unless Samsung is lying when they discribed the update process for the unlocked galaxy s8-n8 all four major carriers must sign off on the build(test the build to ensure that it works properly on their network) here is an explanation just saying sprint has verified the build functions properly minus some of the bloat but all network functionality works properly. 


Re: Software Update: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (N950U) 5/24/2018

you should probably read the comments just below it.


heck i found a great response in there...and thats only on page one..all the Sammy agent did was try to vet the problem onto someone else and not them.


the only thing the carrier tests is their specific versions..why would they waste time and effort on something they dont make anything on? or the fact that they wont even know if anyone will bring one to their network or not. odds are there will be some but again waste of time and money.


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Re: UPDATE: OREO for Galaxy S8/+ & Note 8 UNLOCKED

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This makes no sense. Samsung sent out updates extremely quickly for 2 carrier versions and an unlocked version for each build, on top of fixing bugs and adding new features.


Then there are the international versions, which do not follow this at all. Their unlocked versions got it first, or followed quickly after the carrier versions.


Finally, is this supposed also explain why unlocked is usually several months behind in security updates? It takes Samsung and its carriers that long to vet updates? That's bullc###. If it's true, then your update system seriously needs to be revamped when your competitors don't have the same problems.


When Oreo finally comes to unlocked, we better have all the carrier features we're missing like visual voicemail, Wi-Fi calling and so on..."






Re: UPDATE: OREO for Galaxy S8/+ & Note 8 UNLOCKED


Sounds a little unjustified (BS). Are you telling me that for the international unlocked version, you need approval from every carrier in the world? I don't see you guys doing that and managing a release for the international version a FULL month early."


last response on page two was pretty funny as well lol. but i'll leave that up to you to read those

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Re: Software Update: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (N950U) 5/24/2018

Just incase you thought I was lying about sprint approving the build that the unlocked note 8 just got

That's a link to the Odin files for the sprint specific build

And here is a link to every build that sprint has released. So as I said at this point sprint is the holdup on releasing an approved build. 

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Re: Software Update: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (N950U) 5/24/2018

Folks, I'm closing this thread as the question is honestly academic.  Regardless of where the delays lie, we down here in the customer service world usually do not get any information about the status of those releases until just before or just as it's released.  Please be patient and understanding that we share what we can when we can.




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