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Software Update: Samsung Galaxy S10 5G (SM-G977P) 7/6/2020

Community Manager

Software Update: Samsung Galaxy S10 5G (SM-G977P) 7/6/2020

Samsung - Galaxy S10 (SM-G977P)

Software Version: G977PVPU4CTEA
Release Date: 7/6/2020
Method: Available OTA


Device stability improvements and bug fixes

New and/or enhanced features

Further improvements to performance


Ever since last update in Aug I have had terrible connectivity issues. Keep having to update prl & profile. Restarting phone. 

Have also lost every saved web page from chrome & can longer save them to my homescreen. Have tried contacting sprint through chat & get message "due to high demand volume please try again later" 😡

Community Manager

I can't explain the Chrome bookmarks being lost because that is tied to your Google email and saved on their servers.  Make sure you are login into Chrome.


Now regarding losing connectivity, this is under investigation.  In the meanwhile...


Do one or more of the following.  They may temporarily alleviate the behavior without removing any personal information:


1.  Toggle Airplane Mode on for 5 seconds then toggle Airplane Mode off.  Allow the device a few minutes to connect.

2.  Power the phone off.  After 30 seconds, power the device back on.  Enter any security lock details within 3 minutes of power-up.  Allow the device up to 5 minutes to connect.

3.  Perform an update profile from the device menu.  Allow the device up to 5 minutes to connect.

4.  Perform ##SCRTN# from the phone dialer on supported models.  Allow the device up to 5 minutes to connect.

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