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Sprint Hub Issue

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Sprint Hub Issue

So I got the Oreo update yesterday and I noticed that Sprint Hub is running far more than it should and eating battery. I have to physically go in and force stop it. 8 noticed on a few forums that alot of people are having the same issue. Anyone have a fix for this or can tell me what it is exactly? I haven't seen anyone post a fix anywhere. I like the new features and update just have the Sprint Hub issue.




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Hey guys, as per the information I have, other Samsung user were have the same issue with the Sprint Hub application running, but on their end it show s that the battery usage was 0% per hour. Since the app is not draining the battery, what they were recommended to do was to turn off the notification of that app.


@Rooster2017 Can you send us an screenshot of the battery percentage the app is using?


@Yacko7 Since when you are not able to use your bank and camera app? Have you tried to do the clear data and cache? if yes, have you contacted the support team of the device's manufacture to know if that is been caused by the new update?  

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I got a reply from the developers on this. There are 6 related applications, I’m told if you make sure that they are updated it should help. Premium caller ID, Visual voicemail, Sprint Spot, App Spotlight, Tidal, and secure Wi-Fi. Please enable, and update each of these, and let me know if this improves the battery life issue.

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@RC1024  is absolutely correct.  Sprint Hub is a background app which installs Sprint branded applications.  Sprint Hub has always been install, it is now visible due to the Oreo requirements around background processes.


Impacted applications:

  • Premium Caller ID
  • VVM
  • Sprint Spot
  • App Spotlight
  • Tidal
  • Secure Wi-Fi


Solution to remove any persistent notifications:

  • Update the six applications above

I tried the suggestion. No luck there is a notification that stays in notification bar that says "Sprint hub requests are processing. If I turn off sprint hub and block permissions and notifications it will go away.


I have blocked notifications and permissions and still get the notification.  The notification says that is using battery, but the app screen says no battery usage.  Apparently there is still no fix for this.


Have you updated the 6 aforementioned apps?


My boyfriend has same phone as mine. I set his to block notifications and permissions but his still gets that "Sprint Hub is processing requests" mine doesn't.


Yes all apps are up to date


I am also getting a notification for another Oreo update.  Why would I need to do this again?  After doing it once I do not want to make it worse!  Also, I only have 4 of the 6 apps mentioned and they are up to date.


I will grab an S8 from the lab tomorrow and see if I am able to duplicate.  Standby...


@Yacko7 What software version are you currently on and what version is it attempting to install?


Ok, I grabbed an S8 from the lab and updated it to Oreo.  I did see the Sprint Hub notification appear several times, but after updated it disappeared.  I am going on 5 hours without a notification.  For those that are still having a problem, you may be doing yourself a disservice by force closing the Sprint Hub app.  With it Force Close, it's unable to update 5 of those 6 apps. With those apps out of date, results in constant notifications.  I recommend to enable the Sprint Hub app, power cycle the device and ensure all apps are updated.

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